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So what’s going down this weekend? We’ve got the F1 German Grand Prix, Global Rallycross in New York, IndyCar up in Toronto, the New England Forest Rally and two pretty special NASCAR races. The Camping World Trucks series is heading for the dirt at Eldora for the second year in a row. Last year’s dirt race was a huge hit. And in Germany, the NASCAR Whelen Euro series is hitting the Nurburgring. Yes. Stock cars on the ‘Ring. That’s an empirial crapton of awesome racing to keep up with! Let us handle who you should be following on Twitter.

Follow Friday: National Collector Car Appreciation Day



  • MSD Twitter Bio
  • On Monday we got a solid look at how awesome MSD’s Atomic EFI kit can be. It’s not just an efficiency and performance boost, it’s also easy to install. But as incredible as their fuel injection system is, MSD made their name on ignition and electrical components, and they’ve gotten so good at engineering them that they couldn’t stay out of racing. Follow MSD on Twitter to keep up with their amazing race efforts and their latest awesome products.

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  • Marchettino Twitter Bio
  • Italian Youtuber Marchettino can litterally teleport through space in any given instant. Okay, so this is just a theory, but all evidence supports it. He always seems to show up just when the most incredible supercars sneak out into the daylight. He’s been cranking out awesome, pure-sound videos of the world’s most exotic cars since 2006, and he’s amassed a lexicon to rival Top Gear’s. Check out his brilliant Youtube channel and follow him on Twitter to catch the beauty as it falls.

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  • Mercedes-Benz Twitter Bio
  • Numbers and letters. Mercedes can’t actually name a car. They just assign it a classification. But despite their aversion to names, they can build some absolutely mega cars. In March they rolled out their 2015 (stay with me) S63 AMG Coupe, worth 585 hp. Then, just this week, they pulled the sheet from their S65 AMG. The difference between “63” and “65” is important. The S65 is bigger, better looking, and more powerful. It injects adrenaline directly into your body via a 621 hp, 6.0 V12. With two turbochargers. Follow Mercedes-Benz on Twitter so you can see more awesome stuff like this and try to wrap your mind around the alphanumeric designations.

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Formula E

  • Formula E Twitter Bio
  • Electric racing is still in its infancy, but it’s hit a huge growth spurt in the last few years. Electric drag racers have become insanely fast, the Pikes Peak Hillclimb has been conquered by electrics, and the Isle of Man TT isn’t far behind. Now the FIA has put together an electric Formula series they’re calling Formula E. And, like other electrics, it’s a little clunky starting out. It’s not as fast as its combusion equivalent, and in order to make the races long enough, drivers actually switch to fresh cars during pit stops. But when questioned recently if battery swaps would be better, the FE reps replied that their goal is to improve battery range, to advance technology. We can get behind that. Electrics offer instant torque and a smooth power band. Yes, they’re too quiet, but they’re also just too impractical and expensive for most of us right now. Plugging them into a racing series could fast track technological development. (See what I did there? Yeah? No? Bleh.) Follow Formula E on Twitter for more.

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Rick Beebe

  • Rick Beebe Twitter Bio
  • If you’re familiar with the Dirt Modified scene, you’ve probably heard of Rick Beebe. A racer since his youth, Rick is the quintessential semi-pro American racer. He’s driven nearly every kind of circuit car American racing has to offer. There aren’t many tracks in America Rick hasn’t driven, and he’s been wisely managing his own racing team for years. Plus, he’s a super cool guy with a million stories. Follow number 22 on Twitter to cheer Rick on and keep up with Dirt Modified.

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