Follow Friday: Smoke a Tire Edition

It’s a new month, and some of us are still buzzing from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy last night. The rest of us haven’t seen it yet. But enough about awesome, hilarious, and hilariously awesome movies. What about cars? Alot of folks have been in the news this week, so here’s just a few of them you should follow.

Follow Friday: Smoke a Tire Edition


Cequent Performance Products

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  • Earlier this week we took a look at the different towing and weight classifications of trucks, and how Draw-Tite makes a great hitch for each of them. Draw-Tite is part of a larger family called Cequent Performance Products, which also includes great brands like Reese, Hidden Hitch, and Tekonsha. Follow them for their latest innovations.

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  • Cadillac was spotted pulling hot laps at the Nurburgring this week, and they brought along their brand new, 2016 ATS-V and CTS-V sport sedans. They’ve come a great, long way since their days as your grandpa’s comfy Cimarron. Now they make screaming performance cars to rival anything in class to come out of Germany. Follow Cadillac for the latest in America punching Germany’s face.

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Sébastien Ogier

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  • It seemed in 2012, when Sebastien Loeb won his 9th straight WRC championship, that he would just go on winning until the world ran out of oil. But last year, another Frenchman named Sabastien swooped in and grabbed the championship. Sebastien Ogier is just 30, but he’s already won WRC events and 278 stages. And last year, to everyone’s surprise, he won the overall championship in his VW. Follow Sebastien to cheer him on for the 2014 season, especially with the Rally Finland going on right now. Ogier leads the 2014 season with just 6 events left.

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Roush Performance

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  • Jack Roush has been tuning Mustangs since 1995. Now, 20 years later, Roush have just announced their intentions to take the 2015 Mustang to the next level. They haven’t released any details yet, but we did get a heavily shadowed shot of the 2015 with a Roush badge on it. Follow Roush on Twitter to get the details as they emerge.

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The Smoking Tire

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  • Matt Farah and his crack team of filmmakers and bloggers have been cranking out awesome videos and content since 2009. All hardcore car guys, Matt and co. explore the often unnoticed realms of car tuning, as well as new car news and blatantly (sometimes painfully) honest opinions. Follow TST on Twitter to keep up with their latest rants and raves.

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