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Okay, we’re going to make this quick, because frankly, I’m at Road Atlanta for some serious fun, and the Trans Am cars will be thundering out onto the track for morning testing very shortly. Here’s who you should be following on Twitter: Road Atlanta – #100MilesofLunaC Edition.

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  • WASPcam Twitter Bio
  • We tend to gush on the WASPCam action camera so much here because we really love it. It’s gone all over the place with us, from interviewing Ken Block and Travis Pastrana to rolling around Road Atlanta with Trans Am and Formula Drift. It’s been nothing but durable, practical, and fun. The multidirectional mounting system is light years ahead of the competition, but that LED screen, though. It’s so easy to see! Anyway, enough about WASP. Except that you should follow them on Twitter. Because they’re awesome.

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Formula DRIFT

  • Formula DRIFT Twitter Bio
  • You’ve seen the Youtube videos, but unless you’ve been to a live Formula Drift event, you haven’t really experienced it. FD is here at Road America for an event this weekend, and watching them practice is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Sure, some may say drifting isn’t really racing, and the debate rages on, but one thing you can’t debate: it’s definitely motorsport. The kind of skill it takes to pull off a beautiful drift is uncanny, and all of these guys have it. Follow Formula Drift on Twitter to keep up.

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Trans Am Series

  • Trans Am Series Twitter Bio
  • Blasting muscle cars around America’s road courses since the 1960s, Trans Am is the perfect blend of skill and spectacle. They run in three classes, from near-prototype silhouette cars with 800 hp to modified production chassis. And the sound…that tumultuous music. Trans Am is perfect for folks like me who want to like NASCAR, but get a little bored with ovals. And nearly every car on the track is an American muscle car. Dig on that. Follow Trans Am on Twitter for the latest action.

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Road Atlanta

  • Road Atlanta Twitter Bio
  • One of America’s most famous road courses, Road Atlanta has seen some action since it was opened in 1970. The 2.54 mile course is recognized the world over as one of the best road courses to drive, which is doubtless why they run Petit Le Mans here every year. I could go on about the famous Esses and the fast straight leading to the bridge, but I’ve been pretty blown away by the old fashioned, southern hospitality of the staff here. They’re just nice folks. They love racing, and they’re always happy to see you. Follow Road Atlanta on Twitter to get your share of both.

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Ron Keith & Mike Cope Racing

  • Ron Keith Twitter Bio Mike Cope Racing Twitter Bio
  • Speaking of nice people, I can’t say enough about Ron Keith and Mike Cope Racing, who let me tag along like an embarrassing little brother this weekend. I’ve already gone on about Ron’s incredible hospitality, and Mike and his family have been equally accommodating, approachable, and generally very cool. And, oh yeah, they win. Ron hasn’t failed to podium this year, even though it’s his first in Trans Am, and his sixth season total. And Mike, an accomplished NASCAR driver himself, owns both Trans Am and Late Model teams. Follow the nice guys of racing on Twitter for all the latest!

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