Follow Friday: One Year Edition

That’s right, folks, it’s been one year since we started bringing you the best and brightest of the Twitterverse with Follow Friday. To celebrate, we’ve racked up the very best automotive accounts to follow this week. Check them out, follow them, and have an awesome weekend!

Follow Friday: One Year Edition



  • Airaid Twitter Bio
  • Earlier this week, we took a look at Airaid’s mix-and-match, customizable approach to cold air intakes and filters. Everything is preference guided, from whether or not you want to use the factory airbox to the color of the filter. So follow Airaid on Twitter to check out their latest releases.

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Jules Bianchi

  • Jules Bianchi Twitter Bio
  • Generally we tell you who to follow based on what you can get from their feeds. But in the case of 25-year-old F1 driver Jules Bianchi’s account, it’s about what you can give. On Sunday, at the extremely rainy Japanese Grand Prix, Jules slid into a tractor that was being used to remove the wreckage of his teammate’s car. He sustained a serious head injury and is now listed as being in “stable, but critical” condition, and comatose. So follow Jules on Twitter and send your support toward him and his family. Thoughts and prayers are undoubtedly welcome as he begins the long road to recovery.

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Elon Musk

  • Elon Musk Twitter Bio
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk just unveiled the new Tesla Model S D, the D standing for “dual motor.” It has a camera which helps you change lanes in case you forgot how, and there are a bunch of other little techno bits no one will ever use, but the really awesome part is the POWER. The single, 416 hp motor running the rear wheels wasn’t enough, so they added another 221 hp electric motor to the front wheels, for a total of 691 horsepower, enough to get the 5,000 lb car to 60 in 3.2 seconds. It runs 11s. And range is only down 10 miles. Follow Mr. Musk on Twitter for more.

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  • Hagerty Twitter Bio
  • You can moan all you want about young people losing appreciation for classics, but Hagerty is actually doing something about it. You probably know them as insurers for antique, classic, and exotic cars, but Hagerty has been extremely active in educating people, particularly the younger generations, on the ins and outs of old iron. From their sponsorship of the excellent Petrolicious Youtube channel to their Hagerty Kids program, which we witnessed in person at the Art of the Car Concours this summer, they do some very good work. Just this week we learned about the Hagerty Driving Experience, which teaches youths 15-25 how to drive stick. But they don’t use Chevy Sonics and Ford Fiestas. They use vintage Porsches, split-wintow Corvettes, and first-gen Mustangs, among many other classics. Sure, there’s a business case here, since these kids will one day own the cars Hagerty hopes to insure, but it’s still pretty heroic. Also, their Twitter feed is full of awesome old cars. Follow it.

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NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

  • NASCAR Whelen Euro Series Twitter Bio
  • Did you know NASCAR is racing at Le Mans this weekend? Yes, the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, ironically part of the NASCAR Hometracks family, is tearing its way across Europe, and this weekend is the final race of the season. Chassis are NASCAR standard, FIA approved tube frames, and 400 hp runs from a big V8 to the rear wheels. Euro series cars are set up a little differently, as they generally run on road courses, but the action is all there. Follow NASCAR’s Whelen Euro Series on Twitter for the latest.

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