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Happy weekend, everybody. Well, you still have to survive today, but land is in sight. You’ll undoubtedly spend about 24 hours watching racing this weekend, since that’s how long this weekend’s race is, so be sure to get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Fan fatigue is the struggle, here. And be sure to follow the right people on Twitter going into it. Here’s the rundown.

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  • N-Fab Twitter Bio
  • Earlier this week, we showed you just how easy it is to install a pair of N-Fab nerf step bars, and probably inadvertently showed you how well they’re made. N-Fab makes some other really cool stuff, too, like bumpers and light mounts. And they sponsor some awesome racing, so follow them for the latest.

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24 Hours of Le Mans

  • 24 Hours of Le Mans Twitter Bio
  • If there was a club that only admitted the biggest races of the year, its list would include events like the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, and the Dakar Rally. But at the very top of that list would be the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a full day of racing around a 9.4 mile course, in which some of the most advanced cars in the world will reach speeds in excess of 230 mph on public roads. The winners will travel close to 3,000 miles. But there are 5 classes, to keep things interesting. And you guessed it, that’s going down this weekend. You can watch the full race via Le Mans’ mobile app, or on Fox Sports 1, 2, and Go throughout the day. Here’s a breakdown of the TV schedule.

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Forza Motorsport

  • Forza Motorsport Twitter Bio
  • Speaking of France, the south of that nation seems to be the setting of Forza’s next Horizon game. A long time perfecter of hyper-realistic racing simulators, Turn 10’s Forza series branched out to include an open world racing environment with Horizon in 2012. But now there’s a new one, just previewed at E3 earlier this week. But where Horizon toured us around a fictional area of Colorado, Horizon 2 takes us to Southern Europe, a bit south of Le Mans, but right in the neighborhood of the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Grand Prix. Follow Forza Motorsport on twitter to stay up to date on Horizon 2.

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Porsche Racing

  • Porsche Racing Twitter Bio
  • Porsche has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans 16 times, more than any other automaker. Steve McQueen even made a movie about it. But they bowed out of the Prototype classes, the fastest classes, way back in 1998, and haven’t been back since. Now they’re hungry to climb back onto the podium with their 919 Hybrid, which they’re calling the most complex race car ever built, which may not be an exagerration. Follow Porsche Racing on Twitter to keep up with them at Le Mans.

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Audi Motorsport

  • Audi Motorsport Twitter Bio
  • But Porsche’s not without their share of competition. Since they abdicated in ’98, a new king of Le Mans has taken the throne. Audi has won Le Mans 12 times, second only to Porsche in total victories, and to Audi, this year will be no exception. It is their biggest event of the year and their cheif claim in the motorsports world. An example of their dedication: Just yesterday, Audi driver Loic Duval crashed during practice, completely obliterating the #1 Audi R18 E-Tron, one of two LMP1 cars Audi brought. It was totaled. The race was over, and Audi would have to settle for just a 1-2 victory, rather than a 1-2-3. No, we learned this morning. Taking a new carbon fiber tub and what they could salvage from the decimated car, they built a new #1 last night. Follow them on Twitter throughout the weekend.

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