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We just got back from Road Atlanta, which we visited for the Trans Am, GTA, and Formula Drift events last weekend. But that means we’re itching for another track experience, especially with such nice weather. Sadly, we’re office-bound, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow the action on Twitter. Here’s who we’re following this week. You should, too.

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  • Undercover Twitter Bio
  • This week we got a closer look at Undercover’s Lux series hard tonneau covers. For the uninitiated, the Lux is probably the most beautiful one-peice hard tonneau cover you can buy. Undercover works directly with manufacturers to match the paint on your truck, so the tonneau looks like another stock part. But that’s just one of the cool things they do. Check out their Twitter feed for all the latest.

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Chris Forsberg

  • Chris Forsberg Twitter Bio
  • You might not know him by his ginger beard, but you’ll be able to identify Pennsylvania native Chris Forsberg by his brilliant poise on the drift track. Chris started drifting in the early aughts, smashing around in his ’88 RX-7. Since then he’s been picked up by Hankook and NOS Energy, and he’s still ascending. Over his 10-year career, Chris has taken 15 wins, 32 podiums, and 53 top tens. Follow Chris and his Nissan 370, whose engine has been swapped for a 5.4 Titan V8 worth 800 hp, on Twitter for all the smokey, sideways action.

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Global Rallycross

  • Global Rallycross Twitter Bio
  • Confession time, guys. For as much as I love technical, precision racing, the slapdash madness of Rallycross is one of my very favorite series to watch every year. GRC basically takes top-level, AWD rally cars, adds a few hundred more horsepower, and puts ten of them on a track – all at once. There are dirt sections. There are jumps. Drifting abounds. But only speed will get you the win. And with cars like Ken Block’s Fiesta ST punishing the pavement with 650 hp, there’s plenty of speed at hand. The 2014 GRC season starts with a race this Saturday in Barbados. So if you’re in Barbados, get your tickets. Otherwise, fix your eyes on NBC next Saturday at 1pm. And obviously, you should follow GRC on Twitter for the latest.

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Charlotte Motor Speedway

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway Twitter Bio
  • One of the cornerstones of American oval track racing, the Charlotte Motor Speedway opened way back in 1960, during the nascent years of NASCAR. Today it’s the unofficial headquarters of stock car racing in America. Jeff Gordon, Hendrick motorsports, and others are based around the track. And the pavement’s going to heat up this weekend with the Sprint All-Star Race, and next weekend with the famous Coca-Cola 600 on Memorial Day. Follow CMS on Twitter to stay up to date.

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  • NISMO Twitter Bio
  • BMW has M. Mercedes has AMG. But Nissan has NISMO, and like their competitors’ in-house motorsports development, that means two things: The first is that they build all their race cars, like the amazing Delta Wing and their other endurance racers, as well as countless additional cars for the racing industry. But it also means that technology is transferred to special NISMO versions of their road cars, like the latest NISMO 370Z, which is set to debut tomorrow. Follow NISMO now for minute-by-minute updates.

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