Follow Friday: Feel Better Edition

Look, it just hasn’t been a great week for everybody. Nobody has a good week when we first lose a young sprint car racer, and then somebody like Robin Williams. But we’re here with some good news. Yes. Good news. You don’t have to give up on life and sit around in your boxers watching telenovas and eating deep fried Mounds bars all day. Here’s some cool people doing cool stuff, and you can follow them on Twitter. And feel better.

Follow Friday: Feel Better Edition



  • Jaguar Twitter Bio
  • Hey, you guys remember when Ford owned Jaguar? It looks like part of that deal was the handover of the Special Vehicle Operations, or at least the name. Or maybe Ford just doesn’t care that Jag has their own SVO, because we’re never getting another SVO Mustang EVEN THOUGH FORD HAS A TURBO MUSTANG NOW AND IT WOULD TOTALLY WORK AND EVERYBODY WOULD TOTALLY BUY IT. *smooths hair* Well, we’re not here to talk about Ford’s mistakes, but Jaguar’s SVO E-Type. As the story goes, way back in 1963, Jaguar planned to build 18 special GT E-Types for racing. But they only got around to building 12. Because this is the British car industry we’re talking about. Well, now the SVO is putting together the rest, to be auctioned off, likely for many, many briefcases full of money. And like all other E-Types, the lightweight GT is breathtakingly beautiful. Follow Jaguar on Twitter to get the latest on what their SVO is cooking up.

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  • Caterham Twitter Bio
  • Meanwhile, Caterham chuckles at Jaguar’s presumed “lightness.” Their own two-seat track toy, the Seven, is small and light enough to be swept up with the shop floor dust. And they just announced this week that they’re bringing two new Sevens, the 360 and the 480, to America to fight Mustangs and Camaros on the track. Caterham’s business model here in the States is interesting, because they can’t sell Sevens as whole cars for the road. They don’t meet all the insane safety regulations the NHTSA piles on their backs, so Caterham sells them as kit cars, without engines. You can then install the engine yourself or pay someone else to do it. Follow Caterham on Twitter to say thanks.

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Pebble Beach Concours

  • Pebble Beach Concours Twitter Bio
  • There are car shows, and then there are concourses. But then there’s the Pebble Beach d’Elegance, happening this weekend. It is unquestionably the most prestigious and distinguished of American vintage car events, and probably the most widely recognized concours in the world. Held since 1950 on the eponymous golf course, it is the annual gathering and auction of some of the most beautiful, remarkable, and expensive cars ever made. It’s a fundraiser, too. Over the years, they’ve raised over $14 million for the United Way. Follow all the glisten on Twitter for this year’s features.

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  • XCar Twitter Bio
  • We’re in the golden age of car videos. Inspired by the geniuses at Top Gear, the likes of Petrolicious, Evo, and /Drive have all excellent Youtube channels. Add XCar to that list. The British boffins know how to put together a great car video. Just this week, they did a 25-year tribute to the Miata, or MX-5, as they would say. Laced with great information, witty commentary, and brilliant cinematography, X-Car should be on your subscription list. And if they’re not, at least you can follow them on Twitter.

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Woodward Dream Cruise

  • Woodward Dream Cruise Twitter Bio
  • We’ve been prevented from our annual pilgrimage to that most American of all car shows, the Woodward Dream Cruise, this year, but thankfully, it’s still going on without us. All this weekend up and down the Detroit area’s Woodward Avenue, the Woodward Dream Cruise is something you should check out if you never have before, and something you should check out again if you have, because there’s always something new to see. Unlike most car shows, it’s mobile, with the cars slowly cruising up and down Woodward, making up miles and miles of American (and plenty of foreign) metal. And to add in more coolness, you can drive right along with the classics, even if you don’t have one (or don’t think anyone else will think your 2002 WRX is a classic). We’ve been there thrice. And if you can’t make it, nobody’s going to judge you, just follow them on Twitter.

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