Follow Friday: Everything’s New Edition

Hey, is it Friday already? Oh yeah, we didn’t work on Monday. Unless you call sitting around watching Miami Vice on Netflix while drinking unearned protien shakes “working.” But four days is still a long time in the world of car news. This week we have a new IndyCar champion, a new Miata, and a new old show being made into a movie. Here’s who to follow in the Twitter autoverse.

Follow Friday: Everything's New Edition


Will power

  • Will Power Twitter Bio
  • One of the best-named racing drivers in the business, Aussie Will Power just won the 2014 IndyCar championship. He took 9th at the MavTV 500 on Satruday, but it gave him enough points to grab the title. He celebrated by taking the lid off of the Winners Cup and putting it on his head before making that “I’m about to murder you and I’m a clown” face. Classic Will! He’s been famous in racing circles for years, but the wider internet got to know him last year when he gave the judges at New Hampshire a double birdie for a bad call memeifying himself. Follow Will Power on Twitter to congratulate him.

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Dax Shepard

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  • Actor, writer, comedian, and super awesome Lincoln Continental restomod owner Dax Shepard is no noob to the automotive world. You might know him (and his Lincoln) from 2012’s Hit and Run, which he also wrote and co-directed. Dax races motorcycles at Buttonwillow, too. Now he wants to do a CHiPs movie. Yeah, that show in which Eric Estrada, Larry Wilcox, and Captain Kirk’s dad rode around on huge motorcycles knocking off hubcaps. Face it, guys. You wanted a pair of those gloves and one of those wooden knight sticks. We almost don’t want to follow Dax, because he ruined our lives by marrying Kristen Bell, but for a CHiPs reboot? Follow this guy.

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  • Monza Twitter Bio
  • If you’ve ever watched John Frankenheimer’s 1966 F1 epic, Grand Prix, go do so now. It’s on two DVDs. We’ll wait. Back? Okay, now you’re acquainted with Monza. It’s probably Italy’s most famous and infamous racetrack. Its most notable feature, the massively steep banking, was closed in 1969 due to safety concerns. But the track is still awesome, and still hosting Grands Prix, including the Italian GP F1 race this weekend. Monza also celebrated the 92nd anniversary of their first race this week. You don’t have to speak Italian to appreciate that. Follow them on Twitter for more action.

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  • Mazda Twitter Bio
  • Alot of us spent Wednesday night clicking refresh. Because we couldn’t wait to see the new Miata. Maybe you’re not a sports car guy. We get that. The Miata was never known for power or speed, but rather the feel. It’s all the sensation of driving a British sports car, but with Japanese reliability, so you can take your wife along instead of your mechanic. We didn’t get any real specs for the new Miata, but we got to see the thing in sharp relief, and it’s gorgeous, from the minimal (and unfortunately still smiling) front end to the luscious rear. The engine is mounted entirely behind the front axle for better handling, and the car has apparently lost 220 lbs from the last model. Follow Mazda to get the latest specs on the likely turbocharged Miata.

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  • Infiniti makes great cars, but lately they’ve been struggling with brand identity. Their sports tourers and luxury sedans are stylish, powerful, and well-equipped, but tend to be forgotten in the mix of Germans and Cadillac. Recently, however, they’ve given us some reasons to remember them. Their Q50 Eau Rouge is basically a normal Q50 with a Nissan GT-R drivetrain. It was developed with the help of Sebastien Vettel himself, because Infiniti sponsors the Red Bull F1 team, the only team to beat Mercedes yet this year. And just this week they announced a new concept in development. They’re calling it the Q80, their eventual flagship, and it will bow at the Paris Motor Show next month. Follow Infiniti to see the Q80 as it’s revealed.

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