Follow Friday: Distant Thunder Edition

Another Friday, another week closer to temperatures that don’t resemble satan’s bowels. But I kid. It’s been lovely here in KC, as across most of the Midwest, including Ohio, where the now-famous Eldora Speedway just hosted a NASCAR truck race. On dirt. Whatever the whether, you’re probably chin-deep in summer car projects, track days, or getting ready for the Hungarian GP on Sunday. So let us take care of this week’s Follow Friday on Twitter.

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  • Dynamat Twitter Bio
  • As we observed earlier this week, loud cars are awesome. But they’re not always awesome for the driver. A car’s interior sound needs not only to be enhanced, but also designed. Dynamat has a massive line of sound insulation to take care of that very task. It’s easy to install, easy to buy, and works brilliantly. Because science. Some people even put it in their homes. Follow Dynamat under their internet personification, Les Noyse, to find out more.

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Ford Trucks

  • Ford Trucks Twitter Bio
  • The Ford F-150 is the best selling vehicle in America. So when Ford announced big changes with the line – aluminum bodywork, a face lift, and a 2.7 EcoBoost V6 – they took a risk. But the numbers look promising. Follow America’s most popular trucks on Twitter to see how the 2015 F-150 fares.

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Bring A Trailer

  • Bring A Trailer Twitter Bio
  • Hey you. Do you like to spend time dreaming on the internet? Of course you do! You need to follow Bring A Trailer. It’s like Craigslist for gearheads. Not that Craigslist isn’t already a great place for gearheads, but Bring a Trailer, through some kind of atmospherically-distributed halucinogin or druidic wizardly, only sells interesting cars. And despite their demure name, they don’t just sell cars that need to roll out on a trailer. They also have rare and pristine race and sports cars to drool over and make bad decisions about. Follow BaT on Twitter for all their latest amazing deals.

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Eldora Speedway

  • Eldora Speedway Twitter Bio
  • As we mentioned above, Eldora Speedway is an oval dirt track in Ohio. Sounds like the perfect place for the NASCAR Truck Series to run a race. Wednesday saw the second annual Mudsummer Classic, where high-horsepower, low-downforce, stock trucks slipped and drifted around a course designed for dirt modifieds and sprint cars. It’s a blast, and many die-hard NASCAR fans call it their favorite race of the year. Follow Eldora on Twitter for the recaps.

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Alain Prost

  • Alain Prost Twitter Bio
  • Alain Prost only raced F1 for 12 years, but he won the championship for 4 of them. That’s how good he is. Since his retirement from F1 in 1993, he ran a racing team and now spends his days whipping little hatchbacks around the Alps in the Andros Ice Racing series. He’s predictably good at it, too. He won the championship in 2007, 2008, and 2012. Not bad for a man of 59. Monsieur Prost just started his Twitter account the other day. Give him a big welcome and follow him!

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