Follow Friday: Custom Edition

This week we’re dishing up a steaming helping of awesome. Raise your truck (or slam your car) with Air Lift, cheer on a beloved British brand, and follow three idiots as they journey into unknown lands. It’s an eclectic but essential mix. Follow these folks on Twitter. You won’t regret it.

Follow Friday: Custom Edition


Air Lift

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  • Around these parts, Air Lift is best known for their truck leveling systems to deal with heavy cargo. But Air Lift’s performance division, which can raise or lower sports cars at need, is perhaps more in tune with thier roots, since some of their first systems went in the earliest NASCAR racers. Truck or custom car, an on-board compressor is just about essential, which we found out earlier this week. Follow Air Lift on Twitter for their latest cutting edge advancements in air suspension.

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Lotus Cars

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  • Lotus has had a rough time of things lately. We found out this week that they were forced to lay off a huge percentage of their work force and that they might disappear in America altogether. And nobody wants to see that happen. Lotus’ near-weightless, simple supercars are some of the best-handling machines ever built. Follow Lotus on Twitter to show your support.

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Lime Rock Park

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  • One of America’s most celebrated race tracks, Lime Rock Park in northwest Connecticut has hosted some huge races since 1957. BMW even named a car after them. Just this last weekend they hosted Trans Am and their famous historics race. Legendary racer Skip Barber ownes the place, and he’s taken good care to keep the schedule packed with awesome racing. Follow Lime Rock on Twitter to keep up with all of it.

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Top Gear

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  • We’ve had a Top Gear deficiency this year. After a truncated series in February and March, we hadn’t heard a thing from the trio of motoring blokes since the end of the Burma Christmas special. We learned this week, however, that they’re shooting their next Christmas special in Patagonia, Argentina, one of the most desolate regions in the world. Host Jeremy Clarkson has been ordered by the BBC not to start any wars between the UK and Argentina, where tensions have been strained since the Falklands War of the 1980s. Word has it they’ll be driving through the lands of the howling winds to Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the planet. And they’re taking some rear-drive classics: a Mustang Mach 1, a Porsche 928, and a Lotus Esprit V8. Follow Top Gear to keep up with the idiocy. And to find out how long after Christmas the special will actually air.

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Adam Beck

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  • We stumbled across Adam Beck’s excellent Twitter feed the other day because it features some brilliant hot rod pictures. Beck bills himself as a fabricator of metal and wood, and a hot rod builder, but the man certainly knows his way around a camera. He even builds custom guitars. Follow Adam on Twitter for awesome shots and news about all the cool stuff he’s working on.

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