Follow Friday: Collector Car Appreciation Day Edition

Did we mention that today is National Gearhead Day? Yes, we did. But we’ll mention it again. It’s National Collector Car Appreciation Day, an officially recognized holiday dedicated to amazing cars and the people who love them. So you need to go to a car show. Here are some folks to follow on Twitter to help celebrate.

Follow Friday: National Collector Car Appreciation Day



  • Covercraft Twitter Bio
  • Garage or no garage, the best way to take care of your own collector car is to put it under a Covercraft. Earlier this week, we looked at why they work so well, but you can keep up with them on Twitter for their latest designs and some of the cool cars they’re built to protect.

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Patrick Dempsey

  • Patrick Dempsey Twitter Bio
  • You know what’s great about Patrick Dempsey’s Twitter feed? It’s not packed with celebrity broth or his exploits on Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re a lady, you probably already follow McDreamy and know this. Instead, it’s full of his cheif passion: racing. Dempsey drives an endurance racing Porsche and owns his own team. Follow him to keep up.

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The Mint 400

  • The Mint 400 Twitter Bio
  • We’ve failed. Instead of adding them to our Follow Friday post last week, so you could actually watch it on NBC, we’re adding the Mint 400, America’s oldest and toughest desert race, to this week’s post. Yes, the race is over, but due to the 5 year deal they struck with the Peacock, you’ll be able to watch next year’s Mint, as well. So follow the Mint all year long as they prepare for next year’s endeavors.

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Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Twitter Bio
  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is known as one of the most challenging tracks in America, and it’s mostly for one reason: the Corkscrew. It’s a quick left-right turn combination that would be like any other except that it’s a 5 1/2 story drop over just 450 ft of track space. It has been the site of many an off, and only the most corageous drivers can blitz through it without lifting. This weekend Laguna Seca will be host to a World Superbikes race. If you think the Corkscrew is tough on a car, follow Laguna Seca on Twitter to find out how hard it is on a motorcycle.

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David Coulthard

  • David Coulthard Twitter Bio
  • Scottish driver and Supreme Knight of the Order of Square Jaws, David Coulthard, made his name racing F1 from 1994 for 2008. Driving for Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull, he scored 13 wins and 62 podiums. But since turning in his helmet, he’s become even better known for his F1 commentary, event hosting, and guest driving. That was him hooning a Red Bull F1 car around the Texas countryside to introduce the Circuit of the Americas a couple of years ago. And he conducted the podium interviews at last weekend’s British GP at Silverstone. Follow David Coulthard for a real and unaffiliated look at the world of F1.

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