Follow Friday: Busy Being Awesome Edition

Howdy folks. How was Fathers Day? Good? Good. There’s alot going on this weekend, too, from the GRC race in DC to the Austrian GP to the two different NASCAR races at two different flippin’ road courses, summer is definitely upon us. Plus, you need to swap out that radiator, and that tuneup isn’t going to do itself. So follow these cats on Twitter and enjoy your weekend.

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Biocide Systems

  • Biocide Systems Twitter Bio
  • Okay, so if you’ve been within ten miles of our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Google+ profile in the last week, you might have noticed a thing or two about Biocide Systems. That’s because we love the product. We want you to check it out. In fact, if you hit us back right now in response to this tweet, you can still win a free kit. It just works. We’ve tested it. It’s easy, effective, and safe. Follow Biocide on Twitter to keep up with their latest odor-devouring wizardry.

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Rhys Millen

  • Rhys Millen Twitter Bio
  • Oh Rhys, you Kiwi hoondog. You’re not only tearing into the 2013 GRC season with aplomb, you’re also tearing into our nation’s capital with your Hyundai rallycross beast. Is this the first strike in New Zealand’s great invasion of the States? No, because you already began that invasion years ago when you and your dad started dominating Pike’s Peak. I’ll let these nice folks know to follow you on Twitter so you’ll be more leniant with them when you’re the King of the United States of New New Zealand.

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Harley Davidson

  • Harley Davidson Twitter Bio
  • If you’re in America, and you’ve heard of a contraption called the motorcycle, you’ve also heard of Harley Davidson. The signature V-Twin blat is a roving national landmark. But for the first time ever, that rough growl’s transforming into a fighter jet wail. Their new LiveWire concept bike is fully electric. Believe it or not, they’re a little late into the electric bike game, with competitors like Zero and Mission already sparking along. But it looks gorgeous, and it even sounds cool. How will the public like it? Well, follow HD on Twitter so you can tell them.

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Jordan Taylor

  • Jordan Taylor Twitter Bio
  • 23-year-old Floridian racing driver Jordan Taylor just took second in class at Le Mans as part of the Corvette Racing team. But that’s not the exciting part. What you really need to know about Jordan is that he’s been growing his fabulous mullet since January of last year, and he’s about to cut it off so he can auction it off, along with paddock passes to the Watkins Glen 6 hour and a ride around the Glen in a Daytona Prototype, which Taylor also drives, to raise money for charity. Nice work, Jordan. You and your mullet are American heros. Now, usually when we find people for follow friday, it’s because they’re cool people and their Twitter feeds are just decent. But Jordan’s feed is legendary. It’s hilarious. Follow him.

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The Art of the Car Concours

  • The Art of the Car Concours Twitter Bio
  • Last year I rolled up to the Kansas City Art Institute’s Art of the Car Concours expecting the nice little local car show so common in the midwest. Instead, I was blown away with some of the rarest, most exotic, and most beautiful cars to ever take shape in steel. I mean, Sterling Moss was there! There’s really not much use in using words to describe what I saw, but I tried here, and we got a crapton of pictures we put on our Facebook Page in an album, and they do a much better job. Well, we’re going back this year, and we’re expecting even more regal, royal brilliance. Follow the Art of the car Concours on Twitter to keep up with the fanciest car show Kansas City has ever seen. And keep up with our brand new Instagram account so we can show you the gleam as we catch it!

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