Follow Friday: America Edition

This is America. We like our cars loud, our tire smoke thick, our victories frequent, and our fireworks extra explodey. We like to build things the way we want them, from sports cars to race tracks to cookout meals. We like to hang out with our friends. We like to celebrate. So happy birthday, America. Here are some of the most American Americans you can follow on Twitter this week.

Follow Friday: America Edition


Borla Exaust

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  • Nothing sounds so American like a finely-tuned, roaring exhaust. But we discovered earlier this week that getting the right sound isn’t always easy. That’s why you should, in the immoratal words of Homer Simpson, Sanitation Director, “Let someone else do it!” And who better than Borla, who use their MultiCore sorcery to finely tune their ATAK mufflers to specific vehicle applications. Follow them for the latest.

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  • Seven hundred and seven horsepower. 707 folks! That’s enough to punch a hole in time. That’s what lurks beneath the hood of the new supercharged Hellcat Hemi Dodge Challenger. It has to be one of, if not the singular, most powerful factory-built muscle car America has ever sent to the showroom. There are 650 lb-ft of torque. There’s an option manual transmission. There’s enough American glory to make George Washton weep tiny bald eagles who weep tinier portraits of Ron Paul and Ulysses S. Grant. Follow Dodge for the latest details on the Hellcat.

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Local Motors

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  • Nothing screams America like building our own cars our own way. Phoenix-based low-volume automaker Local Motors took that idea to the extreme. Their last car, the Rally Fighter, was crowdsourced, meaning that people from everywhere submitted designes and the best parts of each were chosen. If you can starve yourself through the plot-deprived stack of mess that is Transformers: Age of Extinction, you’ll see a squadron of Rally Fighters chasing around a fictional Chevy Sonic AWD rally car. Now they’re at it again. Just this week, LM announced plans to crowdsource the perfect track day sports car: engine at the front, drive at the back, and a real manual transmission in the middle. They want to make the bodywork modular and removable, to offer an Ariel Atom experience at the track and a Miata experience on the road. Follow Local Motors on Twitter to keep up with the new project and find out how you can offer your ideas.

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Pocono Raceway

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  • Americans like to mix things up. We get bored with the same oval NASCAR tracks, week in week out. So the founders of Pocono Raceway made their track into a triangle. This weekend Pocono hosts the IndyCar Pocono 500. And since there’s no turn 4, it’s less likely that anyone will screw up, right? Wrong. Pocono’s 2.5 miles of scalene madness have proven challenging for drivers in the past. And if you like turning both ways, Pocono has 3 separate infield courses, each incorporating a corner of the speedway and which can be combined for massive road course fun. Follow Pocono on Twitter to keep up with the latest racing action.

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Corvette Racing

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  • Not only does the factory Corvette Racing team have Jordan Taylor, a logo that looks like a menacing skull, and the new Corvette C7R, they’re also addicted to winning. Just two weeks after taking 2nd at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, they won the 6 hour race at Watkins Glen. Now they’re headed out to Ontario to show the Canadians how to America. Follow them on Twitter to cheer them on. Because you have the freedom to do so.

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