Our Favorite Automotive Twitter Accounts of 2014

It’s the final lap.  We’ve maneuvered through 2014 with all the finesse we could muster, and we’ll leave whether or not we won up to you, but we’ve definitely finished.  It’s been a year of rallies, concourses, races, and roof racks, and stank elimination.  But let’s not forget our Twittering.  Here are our favorite fifty automotive Twitter accounts, our ultimate Follow Friday…on a Wednesday. Follow Friday: Best of 2014

Daniel Ricciardo on Twitter

  1. Daniel Ricciardo @DanielRicciardo – Among our favorite F1 drivers, Red Bull’s newest frontman offers a clever and carefree take on being tall in the world’s fastest motorsport.
  1. Jason Torchinsky @JasonTorchinsky – Jalopnik’s resident lovable lunatic is always filthy with ideas for meat bumpers and single-pixel video game cars.
  1. Rick Beebe @RickBeebe22b – A career American motorsports hero with small town likability, this circle track veteran draws from a four-decade legacy of experience in every discipline.
  1. Accel Ignition @Accelignition – The go-to name in coils for as far back as anyone can remember, Accel offers tips and awesome racing stuff.
  1. Ken Block @KBlock43 – Hoonigan Prime himself turned out to be a downright likable guy when we interviewed him at the 100 Acre Wood Rally.

Travis Pastrana on Twitter

  1. Travis Pastrana @TravisPastrana – But the maniac nice guy award goes to Mr. Pastrana, who offered his interview with a broken leg and a grin.
  1. Rally America @Rally_America – Both appeared courtesy of Rally America, which we hope will stick around a while.
  1. Scott Speed @ScottSpeed – America’s most aptly-named racing driver, Scott was regularly victorious on this year’s Red Bull Global Rallycross tour.
  1. Liquid Wrench @LiquidWrench – Your favorite unstuck spray isn’t just great at unsticking stuck stuff, their feed is packed with awesome racing and car items.
  1. Drive @DRIVE – Yes, they went pay this year, and yes, they lost Chris Harris, but Drive’s automotive cinematic storytelling is still spot-on.

Doug Demuro on Twitter

  1. Doug Demuro @DougDeMuro – Pantsless crusader DeMuro bought and sold a Ferrari this year, making him and Deadmou5 the most humored Ferrari owners ever.
  1. Dynamat @LesNoyse – Dynamat’s goofy twitter account will show you all kinds of practical uses for their sticky, dense sound sponges.
  1. Airaid @AiraidFilters – There’s more than one name in aftermarket air filters and intakes, and the people who know are quite familiar with Airaid.
  1. Firestone Ride Rite @RideRiteAir – Firestone’s simple, easy leveling system is both innovative and effective, and tow and haul trucks are substandard without it.
  1. Live and Let Diecast @LaLDiecast – Because many of us became gearheads thanks to Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Micro Machines.

Covercraft on Twitter

  1. Covercraft @Covercraft1965 – When you need a 300 lb Samoan Bouncer to keep the hail and other dings off your car, you need Covercraft.
  1. Bushwacker @Bushwackerinc – Choc full of awesome off-road machines, Bushwacker’s twitter feed is an example of how manufacturers should do social media.
  1. Corsa @CorsaPerf – One of America’s premier exhaust manufacturers, Corsa are the guys to follow for all the good noises.
  1. Ron Keith @RonKeith25 – Ron graciously let us tag along during his first season of Trans Am racing, which he owned with a third place finish.
  1. Mike Cope Racing @MikeCopeRacing – Ron races for Mike Cope, a true racing business professional.  Together with his wife Jane, Mike runs one killer speed team.
  1. Trans Am @GoTransAm – It’s like NASCAR on road courses, but the cars actually look cool and the drivers will hang out with you instead of punching you in the face.
  1. Optima @OptimaBatteries – Yes, they make the best batteries you can put under your hood, but they also sponsor the best looking racing series in America.

Road America on Twitter

  1. Road America @RoadAmerica – One of America’s most famous road courses, the Wisconsin-centered track hosts everything from NASCAR to autocross.
  1. Detroit Auto Show @NAIASDetroit – The North American International Auto Show of Detroit is one of America’s big three shows, and often the most interesting.  It’s coming back around next month, too.
  1. Factory Five @FactoryFive – These guys make the best Cobra replicas on the market and one of the lightest, fastest kit cars ever built, the 818.
  1. USCA @DriveUSCA – Remember that sexy, Optima-sponsored racing series?  It’s the Ultimate Street Car Association, featuring awesome resto-mods.
  1. WASPCam @WASPCam – Want a more affordable alternative to the GoPro?  Check out all the cool stuff WASP is doing.

Husky Liners on Twitter

  1. Husky Liners @Husky_Liners – These people make the most practical floor mats and liners on the market, and if you thought you couldn’t get excited about such things, try them.
  1. XCar @XCarOfficial – Among the internets finest automotive documentarians stands the UK’s XCar channel.  You won’t regret following these guys.
  1. TORC @TORCOffroad – Their twitter handle may be a little redundant, but The Off Road Championship puts on all the truck racing you wished was real when you were 8.
  1. Lime Rock Park @LimeRockPark – It’s the race track so perfect they named a BMW after it.  Follow Lime Rock for tons of awesome racing stuff.
  1. Borla Exhaust @BorlaExhaust – Borla has the synergy between racing driver and exhaust note down to a science.  Follow them.

Helio Castroneves on Twitter

  1. Helio Castroneves @H3lio – Helio has experience all over the racing map, and that makes him quite the talented Indycar driver.
  1. Matt Farah @TheSmokingTire – Matt and his crew of talented goofballs have seen everything, which gives them a detached, honest perspective on awesome cars.
  1. Jan Magnussen @JanMagnussen – Driver of NASCAR, F1, CART, and currently ALMS, father of Kevin, and general cool Danish guy Jan Magnussen is worth the follow.
  1. Infiniti Global @InfinitiGlobal – Sure, you can follow Infiniti’s American Twitter account, or you could follow the global one with all of the awesome racing and stuff.
  1. Ringbrothers @Ringbrothers – Brothers Jim and Mike Ring build the coolest, most beautiful, most unique resto-mods on the road.

The Hooniverse on Twitter

  1. The Hooniverse @TheHooniverse – These guys love the weird, wonderful, and worrying rides of the racing world, and they cover it all with beautiful detail.
  1. Rancho @RanchoShocks – Lift you truck as you install your struts.  That sort of thing.  That’s what Rancho is into, so go ahead and follow them.
  1. Red Bull GRC @RedbullGRC – It’s hard to have more fun watching a race than you’ll have watching rallycross.  Follow Red Bull GRC for all the good stuff.
  1. Harry Metcalfe @Harrym_Evo – The former editor of the famous Evo Magazine, Harry has amassed an incredible collection of interesting and exotic cars, and wants to share them with you.  So follow him.
  1. Local Motors @LocalMotors – America’s boutique car brand is working on an open-source, manual, RWD track toy.  Keep up with these heroes.

Hot Rod Magazine on Twitter

  1. Hot Rod @HotRodMagazine – Who has the coolest custom drag car features?  It’s still good old Hot Rod.  They have excellent Drag Week coverage, too.
  1. Jalopnik @Jalopnik – This is the best place to sift through all the boring Camry reviews you don’t care about and get right to the meat of what makes a gearhead a gearhead.
  1. Speedhunters @Speedhunters – You will not find a car blog with more beautiful and interesting photography.  Follow Speedhunters for awesome custom and race builds.
  1. Supercar Driver @aSupercarDriver – Want to see a gathering of 130 supercars?  Want to know what it’s like to drive them?  Follow the UK’s Supercar Driver.
  1. Biocide Systems @BiocideSystems – We see alot of products make bold claims, so it’s rare for us to be amazed at one, but Biocide worked well enough to drop our jaws.

Thierry Neuville on Twitter

  1. Thierry Neuville @ThierryNeuville – Nice guy Belgian rally driver Thierry Neuville has been shooting up through the WRC ranks.  See if you can follow him.
  1. Goodwood @GoodwoodRRC – If you like classic cars, why not watch them race as they were meant to race?  At Goodwood, they do.  Flat out.
  1. SEMA Show @SEMAShow – SEMA’s pretty freshly over for this year, but America’s largest gathering of custom rides and parts manufacturers has left its stamp.
  1. Mazda Racing @MazdaRacing – For their size, Mazda has been extremely involved in motorsport since their founding.  Follow Mazda Racing for current news and classic memories.

MINI on Twitter

  1. MINI @MINI – Our favorite not-so-small-anymore manufacturer will return to Dakar tomorrow, so follow them and cheer them on.

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