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Car life, unless you’re sanding and priming, happens fast. There’s really only room for about 140 characters at a time, which is why there are so many great Twitter automotive accounts. But Twitter isn’t always the best way to spend an afternoon. If you’re not careful, you’ll get sucked down into a vortex generated by the chemical reaction between how-everybody’s-day-is-going, late-to-Instagram-food-pics, and eight hundred million hashtags, none of which have anything to do with the subject matter. So allow us to curate with our new weekly Follow Friday helper, filtering the chaff and detailing who’s who in the Twitter autoverse.
This week’s recommendations:


  • Edelbrock Twitter Bio
  • The Edelbrock story reads like a Jeff Bridges movie. Their founder was so cool we ran a biography on him a while back. If, for instance, old Vic had maintained a twitter account when he was 14, it would have read “The @Ford #ModelT I was delivering broke down. I fixed it. NBD.” Or, “Heading to Wichita tonight to deliver another T. Running a case of…medicine. Let me know if you want in.” Edelbrock’s current twitter account doesn’t involve running moonshine, but since they’re the top name in carbureted fuel management, it is packed full of good info about Bernoulli and such. If you need carburetion info, this is who to follow on Twitter.
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Gary Grant/The Garage Blog

  • The Garage Blog Twitter Bio
  • Ontario-based blogger Gary Grant is an autophile of the deepest nature. Growing up in the clutch and brake fumes of Canadian road racing, Gary needs cars like they need fuel. He writes a daily column for and maintains The Garage Blog, which covers everything from slammed hot rods to new consumer reviews. Best of all, he’s Canadian, so he has access to all the good stuff we don’t get. Also, he probably doesn’t have Tourette’s.
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  • Honda Twitter Bio
  • Honda still owns the market on reliability. I know this from experience, as my old 1990 Accord seemed impossible to kill. After Million Mile Joe conquered his landmark odometer roll in his own ’90 Accord earlier this year, I can see why. Whether you’re tuning your Civic or packing your family into your Odyssey, you know what I’m talking about. Follow Honda to keep up with the latest releases (and most importantly, when the new NSX is coming out.)
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Jeff Gordon

  • Jeff Gordon Twitter Bio
  • We couldn’t do our first Follow Friday post without mentioning a racing driver, and we couldn’t mention a racing driver without first mentioning the legendary Jeff Gordon. He’s just 42, but he’s scored 92 career NASCAR wins, 462 top tens, and 86 poles. He has six championships under his belt, and he’s won Daytona three times and the Brickyard four times. Now, there’s a chance that you don’t like this guy too much, even fostering opinions about other racing drivers. In that case, follow Jeff and know thy enemy.
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  • SEMA Twitter Bio
  • Without a doubt, SEMA is one of the coolest automotive twitter accounts to follow, mostly because their annual show in Vegas attracts some of the most postal customizers in America- along with all their gorgeous artwork. Yes, you’ll want to click on all the image links.
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