Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 5

Twitter Automotive Spotlight

It’s Friday again, and that means it’s time to figure out who to follow on Twitter.  It also means the start of the weekend, but let’s stay focused, shall we? 

Bushwacker Inc.

  • Bushwacker Twitter Bio
  • Bushwacker has one of the most honest names in the automotive aftermarket. More often than not, their rugged line of fender flares end up actually wacking bushes. With their solid construction, edgy look, and wide selection of other all-terrain accessories, such as bed rail caps and body armor, Bushwacker has become the go-to brand for off-road modders. Keep up with them on Twitter for all the latest.

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  • Jeep Twitter Bio
  • No brand is more closely associated with American off-roading than Jeep. When American soldiers returned from WWII, they remembered the unbustable, 60 hp mules that hauled them all over Europe, Africa, and the Pacific, and they bought up the surplus copies in droves. Off-roading, they found, was even more fun when people weren’t chucking grenades at them. The rest is history. Jeep became a brand of its own, and today boasts a trail rating for each and every one of its vehicles. Follow them on Twitter for the latest in model news and special editions.

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Car and Driver

  • Car and Driver Twitter Bio
  • Car and Driver started as Sports Car Illustrated way back in 1955. SCI didn’t have a Twitter account, but they didn’t have a vast and awesome online empire, either. C&D isn’t just a magazine anymore. Check out their blogs, reviews, and buyers guides for just about every car on the road. They also have an extensive and well-cut Youtube channel for cool comparisons and exotic reviews. Plus, they’re as irreverent as always. Follow them on Twitter for the latest.

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Jay Leno’s Garage

  • Jay Leno's Garage Twitter Bio
  • In case you’re new to the automotive subculture or learned all you ever wanted to know about cars from 2001’s Driven starring and directed by Sylvester Stallone, you probably know that human bobble-head and noted denim enthusiast Jay Leno is a gearhead. He owns what is likely the most valuable car collection in America, ranging from classic Detroit Muscle to vintage, seven-figure Bugattis. Thankfully, he’s also a great guy and loves to show them off. Each episode of Jay Leno’s Garage features a different timeless machine. Jay details some of its history and key features, goes through the starting process (which, for many of his pieces, involves much more than turning a key), and reviews it while driving around the streets of LA. Jay Leno’s Garage ends up being a fantastic resource for gearheads whose prior access to such rare and valuable cars was limited to staring at them, stationary, behind a velvet rope. Get behind the wheel with Jay and follow JLG on Twitter.

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Tesla Motors

  • Tesla Motors Twitter Bio
  • Historically, electric car companies have spring up like mushrooms- sprouting in moments and withering just as quickly. Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors is something else entirely. Eschewing the idea of the electric as a cheap, stripped-down city car with the range of a fire ant, Tesla went straight for the market they knew could afford their cars: luxury. As a result, both their initial effort, the Roadster; and their newest car, the Model S, are stunning. Musk has big plans for the future of the company, whose sales are skyrocketing. Hear about all of them on Twitter.

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