Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 25

Here at the Streetside HQ in Kansas City, we’re a little worried about the forecasted baseball sized hail destroying our cars. If you’re in KC, or anywhere else, for that matter, you can spend more time finding someplace safe to park your car and less time looking for people to follow on Twitter, because we’ve got you covered there. Here are our Friday top five.

Automotive Follow Friday Helper


  • BedRug Twitter Bio
  • With one of the most straightforward company names ever, BedRug makes rugs for the bed of your truck. They keep your stuff from sliding around and provide thick padding so you can kneel, or even sleep, in your truck bed without discomfort. And they’re weather- and chemical-proof. You can soak the thing in battery acid if you want without any effect. Except maybe the EPA will come after you for having that much battery acid. For a closer look, check out our installation walk-through, and follow BedRug on Twitter.

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Automotive News

  • Automotive News Twitter Bio
  • Automotive News is the business end of car news reporting. Want to know who to invest in or what company is about to crash? Want to get the skinny on new CEO of a company? Automotive News is your source. Follow them for all the latest.

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  • Toyota Twitter Bio
  • Admit it: when you think of Toyota, your mind first likely goes to the Camry or Prius. But Toyota makes trucks, too. In fact, according to many sources, they make the toughest, most indestructible trucks in the world. We put a BedMat in one earlier this week, and we were struck again by the attractive lines and the cool features, like the bed-mounted electrical outlet. Follow Toyota to keep up with their awesome trucks.

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Will Power

  • Will Power Twitter Bio
  • One of the most talented and successful young drivers in open-wheel racing, and one of the most appropriately named, Australian IndyCar driver Will Power has already snatched 20 wins in his relatively short IndyCar career. Keep up with Will on Twitter, because not many can keep up with him on the track.

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Rutledge Wood

  • Rutledge Wood Twitter Bio
  • Garrulous and goofy, Rutledge Wood is one third of the presenting cast of Top Gear America. Born and raised in the American south, the former NASCAR announcer has plenty of love for American muscle. But his experience flipping cars as a young man greatly widened his interests. Follow Rutledge for his earthy opinions on the autoverse and the latest TGA banter with his cohosts.

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