Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 24

This week we have just a handful of awesome Twitter accounts to follow, from big events to big personalities. Check them out in this week’s Follow Friday Helper.
Automotive Follow Friday Helper



  • Thule Twitter Bio
  • Thule thinks of everything, from the anti-sway systems on their rear mount bike racks to the swivel feature on their hitch mount cargo boxes. If you need to carry it, and it doesn’t fit in your car, Thule can take care of you. Check out their full line of sweet racks and boxes, as well as their pro-awesome M.O.A.B. off-road baskets.

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Chris Harris

  • Chris Harris Twitter Bio
  • If one of the Top Gear guys died today (facilitating a swift “Anyway,” from the other two), Chris Harris would be the best candidate to replace him. When most of us would become drooling, screaming fools, Harris maintains a poignant honesty while reviewing supercars and other exotics for the /Drive Youtube channel. He even once got kicked off of Ferrari’s press list for calling them out when they used pro-level tires on their review cars to make them seem better. He’s also an experienced racing driver, so he knows what to do in the corners. Follow him on Twitter for the latest insights on speed.

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  • Chevrolet Twitter Bio
  • Chevy is in a unique position in America, being the only one of the Big Three to be building a world-beating sports car and a competitive and agile muscle car at the same time. In fact, the new Camaro Z/28 is in some respects even better than its big brother, the Corvette. Follow Chevy on Twitter to keep up with them.

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Goodwood Road Racing Club

  • Goodwood Road Racing Club Twitter Bio
  • The prestigious Goodwood Road Racing Club just announced the lineup for their first Goodwood Members’ Meeting since 1966. Now, I don’t doubt they have members’ meetings all the time, but this is the first time they’ve made an event of it since before disco. But anyway, back to the cars. There will be Le Mans prototypes of every era, 27 pre-war Bugattis, and several Group B rally cars, to name just a few. Follow the GRRC on Twitter for the latest on the Members’ Meeting, and previews for this year’s Goodwood Revival in June.

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Jeremy Clarkson

  • Jeremy Clarkson Twitter Bio
  • If you think you’re Jeremy Clarkson’s biggest fan, you’re wrong. He is. But that’s just part of his charm. The long time Top Gear host is equal parts hilarious and knowledgeable, and I’m sure he’d love to hear us say that. Famous for his clever analogies, exuberant reactions, and sharp wit, Clarkson will turn even the stodgiest, vegan, my-bike-runs-on-fat, hemp-braiding hippie into a rabid gearhead. He’d probably love to hear us say that, too. Follow him on Twitter for quips about cars and sparring matches with his co-hosts.

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