Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 23

Racing season is on. If you can peel your eyes away from the latest lap times for a moment, we’ll tell you who to follow on Twitter during this most wonderful time of the year.
Automotive Follow Friday Helper


Corsa Performance

  • Corsa Twitter Bio
  • Earlier this week, we took a look at a couple of Corsa-equipped race cars, so you can have a listen yourself to the glorious and wonderful mysteries of sound pouring out of their exhaust systems. Yes, you can make your own V8 sing such songs. Follow Corsa on Twitter to keep up with their latest.

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  • It is the fastest, most frantic, most expensive, most prestigious, and most famous motorsport in the world. And now that NBC and NBCSN are broadcasting, we can finally get some decent coverage in America. Drastic rule changes have already sparked controversy, after only one race. Follow F1 on Twitter for the latest in incredible speed.

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  • McLaren Twitter Bio
  • Speaking of Formula One, McLaren does that. They also build road cars. And incredibly, those two departments tend to work together quite often. Because McLaren’s road cars are some of the fastest and most advanced in the world. From the F1, which became the fastest car in the world over 20 years ago, to the P1, which might be the fastest ever around the Nurburgring, McLaren only builds speed. Follow them. If you can.

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Daniel Ricciardo

  • Daniel Ricciardo Twitter Bio
  • Also speaking of F1, rookie driver Daniel Ricciardo just took second in his first F1 race, in his home nation of Australia. Unfortunately, the FIAA said his fuel system was nonstandard, and knocked him off the podium. An appeal has been submitted, and hopefully Daniel will be reinstated. Follow him on Twitter to find out!

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  • LocalMotors Twitter Bio
  • Not at all speaking of F1, Local Motors is the world’s only crowd-sourced car company. Designed using suggestions from all over the internet, the Rally Fighter is their desert race-ready monster, powered by a 6.2 liter V8 and riding on all the suspension travel you can ever want. They also build some killer vintage style motorcycles, and they’re even branching into…kitchen appliances? Well, okay! Follow them to find out more.

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Check back each Friday for a whole new group of our favorite Twitter accounts.

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