Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 21

Winter has finally begun to loosen its vise-like grip on the land. Spring is barreling down on us fast, and that means it’s almost time for car shows. In the case of a couple of key players, that season has already begun. For the rest of us, we can get ready. Here’s a few key names to follow this week on Twitter as you’re polishing up your prize.
Automotive Follow Friday Helper



  • MagnaFlow Twitter Bio
  • We found out this week that MagnaFlow, composers of simply symphonic exhausts and mufflers, got the opportunity to tune the exhausts for every important car in the upcoming Need for Speed movie. As if we didn’t love them enough already. Follow MagnaFlow to stay apprised of all things glorious and thundering.

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Geneva Motor Show

  • Geneva Motor Show Twitter Bio
  • One of the most important and influential car shows on the automotive calendar, the Geneva Motor Show is the epicenter of cool new concepts and production releases. Countless brilliant cars were born in Geneva, and this year has been no exception. Stay tuned to the blog next week as we cover all heavy hitters, but until then, follow the Geneva Motor Show on Twitter for all the latest.

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  • Lamborghini Twitter Bio
  • Speaking of Geneva, that’s where Lamborghini rolled out their brand new small supercar, the Huracan. This latest charging bull will replace the venerable Gallardo, which has been in production since 2003, and will feature a 5.2 liter V10 tuned to 602 hp. Follow Lamborghini on Twitter and they might let you test one. Okay, probably not. BUT THEY MIGHT.

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  • Mazda Twitter Bio
  • Slightly more affordable, and also debuting at Geneva, was the Mazda Hazumi concept, a fantastic little bulldog of a hot hatch that will hopefully provide a bolder, angrier face lift for the Mazda 2. Sadly, the Hazumi itself doesn’t feature a manual transmission, but we know Mazda will stick with the stick, at least as an option. The Hazumi is just one of the many reasons to follow Mazda on Twitter.

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  • kcautoshow Twitter Bio
  • No, it’s not quite the Geneva Motor Show. It’s a little more earthy than that. But the Kansas City Auto Show, held right in our base city of, you guessed it, Kansas City, is a great opportunity to get some face time with the industry’s latest and greatest, as well as some beauty that hasn’t quite hit the market yet. Free test drives, awesome demonstrations, and super cheap entry fees await. So if you’re around KC, check it out. And if you’re not, you can still follow them on Twitter for the coolest new developments.

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