Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 20

It’s the last day of February, which means tomorrow you can legally start complaining about the cold. It also means you’re two months into the year, and you haven’t even started on your resolution to follow only the best on Twitter. We’re here to help.
Automotive Follow Friday Helper



  • ARB USA Twitter Bio
  • As we mentioned earlier this week, you can’t find a better test bed for 4×4 gear than Australia, which is why you can’t do any better than ARB. From air lockers to lighting kits to suspension to in-car refrigerators, their parts are unique, innovative, and indestructible. Check them out on Twitter for their latest releases.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Twitter Bio
  • Dale Jr. just won the Daytona 500! It was Dale Jr.’s second win at the very race that took his father’s life in 2001. He beat Brad Keselowski, Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson for his first Daytona victory in 10 years. Follow him on Twitter to send your congratulations.

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Mercedes-Benz USA

  • Mercedes-Benz USA Twitter Bio
  • If you caught last week’s episode of Top Gear, you might have seen Richard Hammond hooning around the deserts of the UAE in a phenomenally large, six-wheeled version of the Mercedes Benz G-Class. At that moment, if you hadn’t already, you fell in love with Mercedes. Who else makes a six-wheeled truck with the power to pull Greenland and the luxury to rival an Italian lakes mansion? Follow MB for their latest awesome.

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Ken Block

  • Ken Block Twitter Bio
  • We met this gentleman last weekend, and you know what? He’s a super nice guy. But you might be too, if you got paid to noon around in a 600-hp Ford Fiesta. But then, you might not. So Ken, thanks for being so chill. Also, thanks for all the incredible Gymkhana videos. And for winning your seventh Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. Follow Ken on Twitter for the latest in hoonage.

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Travis Pastrana

  • Travis Pastrana Twitter Bio
  • Speaking of nice guy rallyists, when we talked to Travis Pastrana at 100 Acre Wood, he actually apologized for talking too much. Ha! This while he was standing on a broken leg, which he used nonetheless to take second at 100 Acre Wood. After the podium, he hung out with his fans for about an hour, because he’s that cool. Clearly, you should follow this guy on Twitter.

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