Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 18

You’re digesting a heart-shaped pancake. That, or you’ve already started drinking. And not just mimosas or Irish Coffee or somesuch. Because today is Valentine’s Day, and that could be very good or very bad. We’ll let you figure out which and stick to what we’re good at: who to follow on Twitter. Show these folks some love.
Automotive Follow Friday Helper



  • Bushwacker Twitter Bio
  • We already know they make awesome off-road products, but Bushwacker’s Twitter account is a blast. They keep up with the latest truck and off-road news and they’re chock full of cool rides like these.

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Corvette Museum

  • Corvette Museum Twitter Bio
  • We’ve all had our share of chuckles surrounding the fact that Hell opened beneath the National Corvette Museum outside Bowling Green, Kentucky, swallowing eight prized Corvettes. But the fact is, the future of the building is uncertain, and they could use our support. So follow them on Twitter and keep up with the news and be sure to wish them the best.

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  • Toyota Twitter Bio
  • Yes, Toyota makes the Camry, the Corolla, and the…Prius. But when you build those things, you become the biggest Japanese automaker in the world. And when you own that title, you can afford to build incredible cars like the Scion FR-S, which is just a Toyota GT86 that Toyota won’t put their name on in America. They also build some of the toughest trucks and SUVs on the planet. Follow them on Twitter and tell them to build the beautiful FT-1.

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Championship Auto Shows

  • Championship Auto Shows Twitter Bio
  • You might know Championship Auto Shows as Autorama, Cavalcade of Customs, or World of Wheels, all of which offer top-notch automotive entertainment for a whole weekend. Custom cars, motocross shows, and live demonstrations all make a Championship Auto Show quite memorable. And Kansas City’s World of Wheels is this weekend. Follow them on Twitter!

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Liquid Wrench

  • Liquid Wrench Twitter Bio
  • We have it on good authority that Liquid Wrench employs a team of immortal druids to place blessings on every can. So if you’re wondering how it works to loosen rusted bolts, it’s freakin’ magic. They don’t say much about this technique on their twitter feed, but they do post a ton of cool and interesting car stuff. Follow them.

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Check back each Friday for a whole new group of our favorite Twitter accounts.

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