Automotive Follow Friday Helper: Week 12

Welcome to our very first Friday of 2014.  It’s a day to pause and reflect, to wonder how this year has gone so far.  What blessings have you received these last three days?  What have you accomplished?  It’s also a time to celebrate the end of the week, because let’s face it, having New Year’s on a Wednesday seriously derailed your game, and you never really recovered.  So we’ll try to keep it down, but here are some excellent Twitter accounts to follow this week.

Automotive Follow Friday Helper


Husky Liners

  • Husky Liners Twitter Bio
  • You really can’t ask anything more from floor mats.  We’ve already proven that you can use your Husky Liners mats to bathe your children, collect rainwater, protect your car interior, and defend your vital organs in the event of a medieval battle.  A WeatherBeater will hold 1.56 gallons before it spills anything onto your carpet, so that’s pretty impressive.  Follow Husky Liners on Twitter for the latest.

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Road & Track

  • Road & Track Twitter Bio
  • In their heyday, automotive magazines like Road & Track could be found in every tire shop and dentist’s office in America.  In fact, most of those places still stock buff books.  But home subscriptions died off when we started feeding on data, and Road & Track responded with a brilliant website and several blogs.  Check them out and follow R&T on Twitter.

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Land Rover

  • Land Rover Twitter Bio
  • Did Americans make the Brits jealous during WWII with the Jeep?  Possibly, because shortly thereafter, Land Rover was born in Wales.  It’s been a hit ever since.  The invincible little off-roaders, with their aluminum, rust-proof bodies and ladder frames, still inspire visions of global adventure and roughing it in the African wilds.  Land Rover’s sub brand, Range Rover, offers the same tough-as-bears offroadability, but with luxurious interiors and sleek designs.  Follow this British Brilliance on Twitter.

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The Truth About Cars

  • The Truth About Cars Twitter Bio
  • Plenty of automotive blogs dot the datascape.  You can have yours in whatever flavor you choose.  But as their title implies, The Truth About Carstends to lay everything on the line, offering honest, hilarious, and hilariously honest commentary and news about the ins and outs of the industry.  Racing driver, Road & Track contributor, and former BMXer Jack Baruth is currently at the helm, too.  Follow them on Twitter.

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Road America

  • Road America Twitter Bio
  • Anyone who thinks American road racing is a game just for the coasts hasn’t visited Road America.  Hidden away in the frozen wilds of Wisconsin, Road America opened in 1950 and is one of the nation’s most famous tracks with both kinds of turns.  Road America hosts NASCAR, ALMS, SCCA, and AMA races, among many others.  And there’s open seating, so if you can get close, you can get in.  You can definitely get close on Twitter.  Follow Road America for their latest events.

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Check back each Friday for a whole new group of our favorite Twitter accounts.

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