STi-ing the WRX Suspension

Subaru STi shocks on WRXThat staccato rattling you would hear when riding around corners in my 2002 WRX wagon was not a German machine gun.  It was my wheel, bouncing off the pavement, no longer held there by the force of the struts.  The squeaking was not a meeting of the Chipmunk Parliament behind my bumper.  It was a tired suspension.  I needed to do some work, and quickly, or I was probably going to spin off of an exit ramp and thoroughly test the safety features which I’d used to convince my mother to co-sign for this car. Continue reading “STi-ing the WRX Suspension”

Great for Throwing Codes…and Not Much Else

Hypertech Max Energy Code ReaderI like to know what my car is thinking.  With human-human relationships, this is best fostered through a long and meaningful communication, a lifetime of time spent together.  With human-car relationships (yes, there is such a thing), you can just plug in an OBDII device.  I ordered mine for $15 from “China, China,” a couple of years ago, and it’s never failed me. Continue reading “Great for Throwing Codes…and Not Much Else”

Daily Driving Old Cars in the Future

Modern carsHave you seen the Honda Accord commercial starring all the inattentive drivers?  You know, the ones who have to rely on Honda’s “stop alarm” because they weren’t watching the truck they were tailgating?  Or the woman who must use the motion tracker to see if there’s an opening in the exit lane she is about to miss because she’s blabbing to her friend about politics?  Or the guy who hears the lane drift buzzer because he’s trying to get that last, precious drop of Starbucks to slip into his stanky maw? Continue reading “Daily Driving Old Cars in the Future”

EBC Yellowstuff: The Street Review

ebc yellow stuff padsBritish servicemen are an enigma.  One moment they’re good old chaps with pints, polite as a British person, the next they’re flying Harrier jets or storming your beaches alongside a member of their royal family.  Their best-of-the-best military division wears a humble name.  Special Air Service sounds like something you’d pay extra for when shipping a package to your grandmother. Continue reading “EBC Yellowstuff: The Street Review”

StreetSideAuto Saves Winter!

Driving: The Worst Part of Winter.Most people hate winter.  It’s cold, they say.  The air is dry, they complain.  And there’s all that murderous snow!  But few people actually hate snow.  Most will agree that a snow day off work is a fairly joyous occasion, and snow is beautiful.  It covers all the dead grass and mud in a clean, white sheet.

What we really hate about snow is driving in it.  It’s slick, it’s dangerous, and no one seems to expect it (though winter tends to occur annually), so it always causes traffic jams.  Our goal today will be to put an end to this.  We only ask that you read this article on how to be a boss while driving in the snow, and make sure every person north of the 35th parallel reads it, too.  And that will save winter.  Simple enough, right? Continue reading “StreetSideAuto Saves Winter!”

Ways to Prevent Vehicle Theft

Ways to Prevent Vehicle TheftGone In 60 Seconds
This past Sunday afternoon, I was standing in a convenience store when a lady ran inside in a panic. Her car had been stolen from right beside the gas pump when she came in to pay. This is the third time I have seen this happen in the past 5 years. One of the other times, I was standing in the same convenience store. As I listened to the understandably distraught woman on her cell phone, I asked myself, “What can a person do to protect themselves from car theft?” Continue reading “Ways to Prevent Vehicle Theft”