Is F1 Really Boring?

The Truth About F1

You could almost feel Daniel Ricciardo’s trademark grin through his helmet.  His race engineer had just told them that he could catch and pass race leader Nico Rosberg with four laps to go.  Ricciardo had been trailing Rosberg by a handful of seconds for laps and wasn’t getting anywhere.  Then his engineer called a sudden, surprise pit stop with just 12 laps left.  The Australian got a fresh set of weaponized supersoft tires and proceeded to carve thick slices off of Rosberg’s ensuing lead, sometimes at the wild rate of three seconds per lap.  Then, in the final lap, Ricciardo hit traffic.  Forced to negotiate around a pair of lapped cars, entrenched in a battle of their own, he lost time, and finished the race .4 seconds behind Rosberg.  Another lap and he would have taken the top step, giving him a 3rd-2nd-1st sequence in three consecutive years at Singapore.

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Trans Am at Circuit of the Americas – Racing in the Aftermath

Trans Am at COTA

I wanted to check out Elkhart Lake.  Road America is one of the most famous and celebrated tracks in the country, and since Trans Am driver Ron Keith had invited me to ride along for a race this year, just as he did last year, I was finally going to head north.

But then I noted that Trans Am would head to Circuit of the Americas in November.  You know the place.  It cost $400 million to build.  It hosts the only F1 event in the US.  It has a gigantic observation tower with a postmodern mullet. Continue reading “Trans Am at Circuit of the Americas – Racing in the Aftermath”