STi-ing the WRX Suspension

Subaru STi shocks on WRXThat staccato rattling you would hear when riding around corners in my 2002 WRX wagon was not a German machine gun.  It was my wheel, bouncing off the pavement, no longer held there by the force of the struts.  The squeaking was not a meeting of the Chipmunk Parliament behind my bumper.  It was a tired suspension.  I needed to do some work, and quickly, or I was probably going to spin off of an exit ramp and thoroughly test the safety features which I’d used to convince my mother to co-sign for this car. Continue reading “STi-ing the WRX Suspension”

Great for Throwing Codes…and Not Much Else

Hypertech Max Energy Code ReaderI like to know what my car is thinking.  With human-human relationships, this is best fostered through a long and meaningful communication, a lifetime of time spent together.  With human-car relationships (yes, there is such a thing), you can just plug in an OBDII device.  I ordered mine for $15 from “China, China,” a couple of years ago, and it’s never failed me. Continue reading “Great for Throwing Codes…and Not Much Else”

5 Crazy Ways to Save Gas

Crazy gas savingsWe’re all sick of perpetually-rising gas prices.  We’re even sick of complaining about them.  So instead of jawing on and on about miserable trips to the pump and how things were back in the day, we’ll discuss the other side.  Since gas seems to be worth its weight in gold, or at least pork rinds or something, here are a few obsessive ways to be stingy with your fuel, and their more practical, watered-down versions. Continue reading “5 Crazy Ways to Save Gas”

EBC Yellowstuff: The Street Review

ebc yellow stuff padsBritish servicemen are an enigma.  One moment they’re good old chaps with pints, polite as a British person, the next they’re flying Harrier jets or storming your beaches alongside a member of their royal family.  Their best-of-the-best military division wears a humble name.  Special Air Service sounds like something you’d pay extra for when shipping a package to your grandmother. Continue reading “EBC Yellowstuff: The Street Review”

EBC Brakes: Choose Your Color

EBC BrakesThe boffins at British company EBC Brakes have a passion for stopping.  You can tell by their refusal to rest on their current products, their obsessive diligence with research and development, and the excitement they express when discussing things like aramid fibers and purging volatiles.  And what do you get when you give people like this enough time and resources?  A very special product. Continue reading “EBC Brakes: Choose Your Color”

Easier Still: How to Use a Hypertech Power Programmer

Installing a hypertech programmerHere at the asylum we call the Streetside office, we have a term we toss around: the Initial Trifecta.  These are the first three power modifications you should make to any new ride.  Last week we covered the cold air intake for improving your engine’s ability to inhale; next week we’ll hit the exhaust for exhaling.  But this week, we’ll talk about one of the simplest, easiest, laziest mods you can make. After all, it’s getting cold out, and you don’t want to be leaving your warm and cozy cab just to be installing all kinds of mods and such.  The second part of the Initial Trifecta is the power programmer.  No, don’t get up. Continue reading “Easier Still: How to Use a Hypertech Power Programmer”

How to Clean a K&N Air Filter Half Asleep

K and N cleaning kit
K&N air filters have many advantages over stock filters.  You get more horsepower, better gas mileage, and a million mile warranty.  Best of all, you get a sticker!  But an oft overlooked bonus is that a K&N filter never needs to be replaced, only cleaned.  Unfortunately, that cleaning is also oft overlooked, leading to an asthmatic intake system.  So here’s a quick rundown on how to keep your K&N filter clean and breathing easy. Continue reading “How to Clean a K&N Air Filter Half Asleep”

Don’t Call AAA–Change it Yourself

Changing a flat tireIf you’re hanging around the StreetSide Blog, there’s a good chance you know how to change a tire.  But there are whole generations of us yunguns who learn most of what we do online (don’t miss your chance to teach your kids this, pops).  So if you’re old enough to know about Momo steering wheels but young enough to know about Momo the flying lemur, here’s a quick tutorial on how to change a tire. Continue reading “Don’t Call AAA–Change it Yourself”

Replacing Your Pads: A Brake Down

Replacing your brake padsYour brakes accommodate half of your racing skill, and like every other system on your car, should be upgraded gradually.  The first thing you can add is a set of performance brake pads.  They really are as easy to change as you’ve heard, though if you’ve never done it before, there are a few things you need to know.  We’ve put together a step-by-step instructional on how to save yourself a few hundred bucks of labor charges so you can replace them yourself.

Continue reading “Replacing Your Pads: A Brake Down”

Summer Car Care

Summer Car CarePrepare Your Vehicle for Summer
Summer is here!  Warm weather provides us with great opportunities for outdoor activities.  We put bug spray on ourselves, sunscreen on our kids and fertilizer on our lawns. . .what have you done for your car?

Summer weather can wreak havoc on an unprepared vehicle, so we have some tips to help you “beat the heat” in your ride! Continue reading “Summer Car Care”