It Came Upon a Midnight Ditch: A Christmas Miracle

snowy wrx crashI am a praying man, but I duly confess that on the bleak and storm-wrought midnight of Thursday the twentieth of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, a prayer was not the first thing to exit my lips as I, like some ancient and malevolent phantasm, danced twice across the highway and hurtled my fine and trusted chariot into a ditch. Continue reading “It Came Upon a Midnight Ditch: A Christmas Miracle”

Can the MKZ Save Lincoln?

2013 lincoln mkzIt’s no secret that Lincoln is dying.  Ford’s luxury brand has been bleeding money since the Panther platform Towncar, Lincoln’s top seller, was discontinued.  Now Lincoln is spending all of their energy just bailing water from their sinking ship. Continue reading “Can the MKZ Save Lincoln?”

STi-ing the WRX Suspension

Subaru STi shocks on WRXThat staccato rattling you would hear when riding around corners in my 2002 WRX wagon was not a German machine gun.  It was my wheel, bouncing off the pavement, no longer held there by the force of the struts.  The squeaking was not a meeting of the Chipmunk Parliament behind my bumper.  It was a tired suspension.  I needed to do some work, and quickly, or I was probably going to spin off of an exit ramp and thoroughly test the safety features which I’d used to convince my mother to co-sign for this car. Continue reading “STi-ing the WRX Suspension”

My Favorite Supercar

Noble M600.jpgGiven $500,000, what car would you buy?  Most of us already have an answer in mind, and it’s often a mid-engine, European supercar.  Many will chant “458 Italia,” “Aventador,” or “McLaren 12C!” Continue reading “My Favorite Supercar”

LA Auto Show 2012: Mild Quaking in SoCal

If you live along one of America’s active fault lines, it’s never nice to wake up to the ground bumping and surging like those adorable twin babies dancing in their high chairs on Youtube.  But if you’re from an older, less shifty/grindy region of the continent, an earthquake is always kindof interesting.  It doesn’t change your life, but you’ll be talking about it for days. Continue reading “LA Auto Show 2012: Mild Quaking in SoCal”

The 2014 Ford Fiesta ST: A Challenger Appears

2014 Ford FiestaSmall is back.  It may be the fun-stifling cost of fuel.  It may be an internet-stimulated increase in global awareness.  It may be Ken Block.  But Americans suddenly seem very interested in the small, fast car again.  We, as a nation, had until recently forgotten the term hot hatch, a compact car, with a door at the back, that’s usually a faster version of the mainstream commuter model. Continue reading “The 2014 Ford Fiesta ST: A Challenger Appears”

Black is Back

Buick Gran National/GNX“There are only two Buicks worth owning,” said my boss one afternoon.  “The Grand National and the GNX.”  I had just returned from the Kansas City Auto Show, basically a dealer showcase with a few goodies thrown in, and was expressing my interest in the Regal GS and all its six-speed, turbocharged righteousness.  I wouldn’t want to own one, no, but it was a step in the right direction for Buick, a brand so long sodden with anti-sentiment and blue-hair stereotypes.  (“It’s called a Century because that’s how old you have to be to drive one,” and so on.) Continue reading “Black is Back”

2 Top-Down Terrors

Lamborghini Aventador (Roofless)The convertible.  It’s always had a stigma among true automotive enthusiasts.  A good hard top fastback or coupe is generally preferred.  Not because a folding roof makes a Camaro into a girl’s car.  We do not look at a taupe top Mustang and see a VW Golf Cabriolet.  It’s because a car’s roof provides a key element of structural rigidity.  Take that away, and as Jeremy Clarkson once explained while reviewing the Audi R8 convertible, it’s like attaching two bricks with an index card. Continue reading “2 Top-Down Terrors”

John Fitch: A Movie of a Man

John FitchIt’s a rare thing to encounter a life so full, heroic, and memorable it stretches the boundaries of belief.  Most of them, it seems, have been immortalized in film.  It’s a rarer thing still to encounter such a life that so few people even know existed. Continue reading “John Fitch: A Movie of a Man”

The DeltaWing’s Conquest of Awesome

nissan deltawing<br /> The 2013 American Le Mans Series ended last month with a spectacular show at Petit Le Mans in Atlanta.  It was a fun race, peppered with close battles from the start and in every class.  But the most interesting car on the track wasn’t even competing.  Flat black and alarming, it looked like a die-cast toy.  It looked like it was about to flip over.  It looked something like an awesome Batmobile. Continue reading “The DeltaWing’s Conquest of Awesome”