How to DD a Future Classic

I could almost see the Corvair’s paint fading as it baked under the July sun in the Costco parking lot. The lunar-module foil sunshield had been draped over the driver’s seat to keep it cool, because, of course, the top was down. I felt nothing but respect for the owner, even though the rust had begun to bleed through and the badges were peeling. Because it was clear he or she drove it pretty often, and daily driven classics are, to use a technical term, awesome. Continue reading “How to DD a Future Classic”

Winter Prep: Do it Now

BMW snow plow
After the hottest summer in living memory and a weird, fickle fall, some steady winter weather is almost welcome here in Kansas City.  Yesterday, for example, it was 77 degrees before the sun came up, though it was about 35 when it went back down.  Very weird. Continue reading “Winter Prep: Do it Now”

Great for Throwing Codes…and Not Much Else

Hypertech Max Energy Code ReaderI like to know what my car is thinking.  With human-human relationships, this is best fostered through a long and meaningful communication, a lifetime of time spent together.  With human-car relationships (yes, there is such a thing), you can just plug in an OBDII device.  I ordered mine for $15 from “China, China,” a couple of years ago, and it’s never failed me. Continue reading “Great for Throwing Codes…and Not Much Else”

5 Crazy Ways to Save Gas

Crazy gas savingsWe’re all sick of perpetually-rising gas prices.  We’re even sick of complaining about them.  So instead of jawing on and on about miserable trips to the pump and how things were back in the day, we’ll discuss the other side.  Since gas seems to be worth its weight in gold, or at least pork rinds or something, here are a few obsessive ways to be stingy with your fuel, and their more practical, watered-down versions. Continue reading “5 Crazy Ways to Save Gas”

Winching 201: Staying Safe in the Mud

winchingThis morning, pepper spray was shot, people were stabbed, and others were likely trampled.  Why?  Because it’s Black Friday, and mommy needs a TV.  Perhaps you’ve already braved the mayhem, but if punching an old lady in the throat to get her Bumblebee toy before making a clean sprint to the register isn’t your thing, there other things to do today.  One of them is winching, and it can be much less dangerous than competitive shopping.  Here are a few ways your winching experience can be safer than trying to put that soccer mom in a sleeper so you can get the last waffle iron. Continue reading “Winching 201: Staying Safe in the Mud”

How to Install a K&N Cold Air Intake Using Your Hands

Installing an air intake.We talk a lot about K&N here at Streetside, but not without good reason.  We’re all car people here, and we tend to agree with most of the other car people in the world that if you’re looking to increase your horsepower, but you only have 20 minutes, a K&N cold air intake is the best thing to install.  See, K&N doesn’t futz around with little fundraising products.  If it doesn’t increase your power, they don’t make it. Continue reading “How to Install a K&N Cold Air Intake Using Your Hands”

Dynamat: How to Install Some Peace and Quiet

Dynamat Sound DeadenerProfessional racers have no concern for in-cabin noise.  Most of their cars carry no sound deadening equipment at all, since it weighs more than a few ounces and can’t be found in carbon fiber.  But those cars are for making money.  Yours is for recreation.  You might even drive it every day.

So before you resign yourself to bleeding eardrums every time you go to work, check out a low-cost, light weight alternative.  Dynamat offers a sound deadening solution that will make your interior more civilized without hampering your car’s very uncivilized performance. Continue reading “Dynamat: How to Install Some Peace and Quiet”

Armor Up: How to Protect Your Rescue Vehicle

This Jeep Wrangler is ready to tackle anything that gets in it's way during a rescue mission.Well, the Rapture didn’t come on Saturday, but we have seen some weather recently that could be reminiscent of the book of Revelation.  Tornadoes are ripping through the Midwest, a volcano is erupting in Iceland, and last month’s Japanese earthquake was unprecedented in destruction.  So what if you’re a volunteer rescue worker, but can’t afford a Discovery Channel tornadomobile?  Here’s a few upgrades you can give your rescue machine to help protect it from the seemingly Apocalyptic weather. Continue reading “Armor Up: How to Protect Your Rescue Vehicle”

Do It Yourself

Doing it yourself can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.How many times have you taken your car to the shop for an issue only to find out that the repair cost is going to involve signing over your firstborn and/or a limb?  Rest assured, fellow victims, in the knowledge that all may not be lost.  Many jobs that sound complicated are easy to do yourself, which can save you tons of money and time. Continue reading “Do It Yourself”

Avoid Being “House-Jacked”

Leaving a GPS, phone, or wallet in your car can give a thief all the information they need to find where you live.Most of us take a reasonable amount of care to protect our homes—we keep our doors and windows locked and our garage doors down when we are away.  You may be surprised to discover that a non-secure vehicle can put your home at a greater risk for burglary.

Thieves prey on the unprepared and look for every leverage point possible when finding targets for their crimes.  Your car may well contain items that will make a burglar’s job significantly easier Continue reading “Avoid Being “House-Jacked””