#NationalDogDay: How to Bring Your Dog on a Road Trip

Within the next ten days, America will celebrate two of the most important holidays of the year. One, Labor Day, we all know well. It’s the officially unofficial marker to the end of summer. A day some of us are lucky enough to have off from work and most of us pass with a barbecue or trip out of town.

But the other day, the day that’s arguably more important is today.  A day that, while definitely not a government holiday, should still be celebrated with fervor and excitement because it’s the day you get to put man’s best friend first–if you’re fortunate enough to have one, anyway. Today is National Dog Day. Continue reading “#NationalDogDay: How to Bring Your Dog on a Road Trip”

How to Prep a Hooptie for Sale

The countershaft bearing in my 1998 Honda Civic sounded like a rain stick full of rusted lug nuts, and the clutch was starting to slip.  Despite having spent only $760 to buy the black sedan, I had already injected hundreds more into a new exhaust header, aluminum radiator, stereo, and a dump bed full of other parts that hadn’t held up to 200,000 miles and almost 20 years of hard labor.  And frankly, I didn’t feel like pulling the transmission out. People think that to prep a car for sale it will take a lot of time and likely a good amount of money, but I was not willing to give up either of those thing.  It was time to sell the beast, awful paint and all.  Here’s how I got it ready.
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Think You Have a Carb Problem? Let’s Talk it Out…

If you are blessed with something called a carburetor sitting on your engine, chances are that you know your way around a device that most wouldn’t know any better than some obscure Etruscan artifact. It also means that from time to time, you find yourself called to diagnose a power plant malady of one kind or another, be it a stock or aftermarket carb. Should you have multiple carburetors attached to your engine, you are a saint and have my deepest sympathies.

When it’s time to diagnose a carb problem, these tips always seem to help.

Carburetor Nomenclature

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Common Car Hauling Mistakes and 10 Tips For Preventing Them

Towing is one of the main reasons people buy trucks and large SUVs. However, despite all the towing that people do every day, towing safety is hit or miss. For every smart and safe driver with towing experience, there’s a yahoo throwing caution to the wind and putting everyone in his or her immediate vicinity in danger.

Here are the most common towing mistakes I see, as well as ten towing safety tips that anyone who tows should know.

Common Car Hauling Mistakes
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How to DD a Future Classic

I could almost see the Corvair’s paint fading as it baked under the July sun in the Costco parking lot. The lunar-module foil sunshield had been draped over the driver’s seat to keep it cool, because, of course, the top was down. I felt nothing but respect for the owner, even though the rust had begun to bleed through and the badges were peeling. Because it was clear he or she drove it pretty often, and daily driven classics are, to use a technical term, awesome. Continue reading “How to DD a Future Classic”