The Kansas City Auto Show Returns

The future is here…or it will be on March 6th-10th at the Kansas City Auto Show.

The auto show takes place at Bartle Hall and you won’t want to miss the hundreds of new vehicles they are bringing in. Come see the latest in innovation and style all in one place for your convenience. Continue reading “The Kansas City Auto Show Returns”

The KC Auto Show Rolls Out

The curtain has closed on the 2018 KC Auto Show and we want to say thank you to everyone involved. It was a great year and we were lucky to take part in it and be able to see everything they featured.

It was quick to get in and up to the show floor but once I was there, I just stared in wonder. It was a bit shocking to see the entirety of Bartle Hall filled with cars new and old, especially since I was there a couple weeks before when it was filled with all things ComicCon. I was there to experience the show for the first time, check out the latest makes and models, and get some killer photos. Instead of taking the camera out right away, I walked the entire floor and took in all the brands and noted sections I was going to return to. I took a walk down the middle of the show floor. Continue reading “The KC Auto Show Rolls Out”

Kansas City Auto Show Parks at Bartle Hall

It’s that time of year again, the Kansas City Auto Show is about to descend on all of us at Bartle Hall. Kansas City’s biggest car show will bring hundreds of cars and a plethora of events to entertain guests of all ages. You will have plenty of time to explore all the activities and see all the cars. This year the show runs from February 28th to March 4th (today – Sunday!) Continue reading “Kansas City Auto Show Parks at Bartle Hall”

Geneva 2017: The Goods So Far

Geneva 2017: The Goods So Far

This week is the coolest auto show of the year.  The show that will spawn bedroom-poster fantasy cars for years to come.  It’s not about mass-market, business-floating people’s cars.  It’s about luxury cars and exotics.  Supercars and hypercars.  The stuff dreams are made of.  It’s the Geneva Motor Show, and the coolest cars always debut there.  We’ve picked a few of the most notable examples from this year.  So far. Continue reading “Geneva 2017: The Goods So Far”

A Sunday Microcar Meet: Go Small or Go Home

Kansas City Microcar Meet

America is a land of wide open spaces, wide roads, and wide…folks. So we love our big cars. A foreigner visiting our shores will often gawk in wonder at the gigantic trucks and sedans that ply our streets and highways, for transportation alone. But while this love of large motoring has produced some incredible cars, it has in many ways caused us to miss out on some equally incredible small cars from smaller places. But not all of us. At last weekend’s Kansas City Microcar Meet, I got a glimpse of this small but enthusiastic community, and I found myself a member of it.

Continue reading “A Sunday Microcar Meet: Go Small or Go Home”

The Big Time: My First Trip to the Keystone Big Show

2016 Keystone Big Show West
Fab Fours amazing Jeep mod-monster: the 2.Woah

Dallas welcomed us with open arms and beautiful weather after driving from Kansas City with four other members of the KC team (including my boss and my boss’ boss). We had arrived at the 2016 Keystone Big Show West. And I was the n00b, having never been to anything like it. Andy visited PRI a couple years ago and many other members of our team go to these things yearly, but this was my first retailer trade show experience. I have been a member of the Streetside Team for (a little under) 3 years, but had not reached the level of importance to attend a show yet. But my time had come. Time to meet all the important people, shake all the hands, see all the amazing cars, checkout the latest products, and enjoy the hugely impressive show. I had reached the big time.

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The Cars of the Performance Racing Industry Show 2013

Performance Racing Industry Show CarsOne of the first things I learned about the Performance Racing Industry Show was that it was strictly professional.  This wasn’t a show for the slapstick silliness of SEMA.  It was straight down to professional racing and only professional racing.  So I imagined it to be a room full of high-end racing parts.  And it was.  What I didn’t expect to see was a fleet of awesome cars.  As the old saying goes, a show car is not always a race car, but a race car is always a show car. Continue reading “The Cars of the Performance Racing Industry Show 2013”

PRI 2013 – Helmets Required

PRI Show 2013Do you ever see that guy? He drives a Toyota Corolla, but he’s bolted a gigantic racing wing to his trunk lid? You know the guy. That guy’s not a racing driver. His Corolla is not a race car. But then you see that other guy with the really nice Mustang. It’s been modded to Timbuktu and back, and it’s fast. He takes it to the drag strip on Saturday nights and pulls a pretty decent 1320. What do both of these guys have in common? They’d both have trouble getting into the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. Because they’re not professionals.

Thankfully, we don’t have that problem, and that’s why we’re here.

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Woodward 2013: The Best of the Rest

Woodward Edlebrock Engine

There were too many awesome cars at Woodward.  So though I’ve already covered several of my favorites, I had to toss out just a few more for good measure. Continue reading “Woodward 2013: The Best of the Rest”

The Lords of Woodward: Part III

Woodward Dream Cruise 2013
click any of the images to enlarge them

I’ve been discussing some of my favorite cars I saw at this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise just two weeks ago.  And it has taken a while (see Part I & Part II).  Here’s a few more of my favorites. Continue reading “The Lords of Woodward: Part III”