Seven Sneaky Sleepers to Tuck You In

top sleeper carsThere’s nothing more awesome than a well-sculpted supercar, looking like it’s going 130 while it’s parked in front of Starbucks.  But even cooler is the sleeper car- the quiet little suitcase nuke with an amicable personality and a friendly, if forgettable, smile.  Fooling countless cops and complainers worldwide, the sleeper has a long tradition of little-old-me buffoonery.  Here are seven brilliant examples to make you reconsider your next traffic light rev-challenge. Continue reading “Seven Sneaky Sleepers to Tuck You In”

SEMA 2011: Beige No More

2011 SemaTomorrow, the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association will gather in a blaze of bright accents and lowered stance to allow its members to show off their latest and most outlandish new aftermarket makeup.  The annual SEMA Show is always in Las Vegas, and it’s always very well attended.  Last year over 50,000 people showed up from all over the world.  As the acronym suggests, the focus is always on aftermarket products, upgrades for everything from race cars to RVs.  But big automakers always take the opportunity to show off the cool stuff they could build if they could be bothered to take a break from churning out beigemobiles.  Here are a few special editions the manufacturers will have on hand. Continue reading “SEMA 2011: Beige No More”

Pass or Buy: A Bucket of Fun?

T-Bucket RoadsterLast week’s Wilbur of a pickup was pink all over, but its $55k price tag had every last one of you turning red. Today’s $14,000 Pass or Buy hot rod is probably the same shade of crimson, but its price may be much closer to keeping you in the black. Continue reading “Pass or Buy: A Bucket of Fun?”

The NuKizer, a Jeep for the Ages

A few weeks ago, I finished up the Dream Garage series, laying out in detail what dream cars I could actually afford and why I chose them.  Part four covered the ideal tough toy, that rugged, go-anywhere truck or SUV best suited to haul your stuff and hurl you into adventure.  I chose an old Toyota Pickup for its staggering durability and cool, Back to the Future ‘80s look.   Continue reading “The NuKizer, a Jeep for the Ages”