How To Buy A Car: When To Buy A New Car


As you may recall, I’m looking to buy a new (to me) compact SUV. This was the subject of a recent blog post  in which I explained how I was looking into four options: the Honda CR-V, the Chevy Equinox, the Toyota RAV 4, and the Subaru Forester. Since then, I’ve done more research on car-buying, specifically on when to buy a new a car. Here’s what I found. Continue reading “How To Buy A Car: When To Buy A New Car”

GReddy: A Part of Aftermarket History

Where it all began

It all started in late 1976. Before GReddy was GReddy, it was just one man, a racing enthusiast in Japan’s grassroots racing community building his own exhausts. The exhausts performed so well that eventually, other racers started taking notice and urged that same enthusiast to build them their own performance exhausts. Within a year, The Trust Company of Japan was born.

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How To Buy A Car: Picking A New Car

As I established with my introductory blog post “Hello” From The New Kid on the Street, I love Sadie, my 2004 Kia Sorento. I grew up in her back, passenger-side seat, talking to my mom through the rear view mirror and looking out of my tinted window. But alas, Sadie is reaching the end of her days with me. I can feel it. It will soon be time for a new car.

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Marvel Heroes’ Cars and Bikes, Ranked

Cap's Street 750

With tomorrow’s impending release of Captain America: Civil War, the world is quivering and slavering over anything Marvel related.  So I thought I’d take advantage of that enthusiasm and pitch my manager a geekout session an educational article about the Marvel heroes’ wheels of choice.  For some reason he agreed, so I expect a host of comments debating my ranking and pointing out what I missed.  Don’t let me down.  I want to write more stuff like this during work hours.  Continue reading “Marvel Heroes’ Cars and Bikes, Ranked”

The 2016 Mazda Miata: Simplicity Sculpted

Many of us stayed up late last night, eyes glued to the screen as Japan unveiled their latest. This was our hope revealed, the masterpiece we had sleeplessly awaited for years. This was the 2016 Mazda Miata, and it was breathtaking. Continue reading “The 2016 Mazda Miata: Simplicity Sculpted”

Hear Two of Corsa’s Earth-Shaking Race Cars

Jim Stout's Corsa Plum Crazy Viper

There is no better laboratory than motorsport.  From the early days of racing, competitions like Le Mans were set up strictly to showcase how fast and reliable cars were, so customers would want to buy them.  The same goes for parts.  You can listen all day to brilliant and beautiful Corsa Performance Exhausts, but seeing them hit the track lends a bit more credibility.  Here are just two of the many fantastic race cars equipped with Corsa exhausts.  Continue reading “Hear Two of Corsa’s Earth-Shaking Race Cars”

The Street Side Garage’s Best of 2013

Best of 2013 from the Street Side GarageTomorrow (after we wake up at noon), we look ahead.  But today gives us a chance to look back over the expanse of 2013 and remember the good times, the hard times, the mountain goats, the John Adams El Camino, the blank-firing car alarm, the zombie survival vehicle, and the $1,900 snap ring.

Without further ado, we present the Best of 2013…

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Still the Best Way to See America

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When my dad was a kid, cars were more comfortable, the economy was bulling along, and gas was cheaper than milk.  With the help of Ike’s new interstate system, the Greatest Generation shoveled their families into their big sedans and wagons and forged the great American road trip.  America was experienced through the skylights of an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.

These days, cars are cramped and dark, the economy has taken a turn for the down, and gas is so expensive people actually buy Priuses.  Flying can actually be cheaper, and though train travel is getting rare, it’s just as fast, much more comfortable, and can also be cheaper.  But getting in your own car and striking out into the tarmac-belted distance is still the best way to see America.  I got a reminder this weekend as my friend Dan and I loaded up the wagon and shot off to Breckenridge, Colorado.  Continue reading “Still the Best Way to See America”

The $1,900 Snap Ring

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I didn’t buy an Alfa Romeo. I didn’t buy an MG. I bought a Subaru. Alfas have soul for days, MGs can handle like skis, but despite their merits, they’ve never been called bulletproof. I bought my WRX because it was. I wanted something fast and fun that wouldn’t turn me inside out with maintenance and repair. For the most part, it hasn’t. Yes, it faces the woes of any 12-year-old car with 150k on the clock. The plastics are fading, a few of the 226 horses may have escaped the stables, and the front seats have been replaced. But if I’d have known I’d eventually dump $1900 into a new rear differential, I might not have bought it. Continue reading “The $1,900 Snap Ring”

Two V8s and the Australian

It’s said in the realm of project cars that you can make anything work if you have enough money.  Australian IT guru Paul Halstead has that money, and he’s willing to stick two V8s together in a brand new supercar to prove that yes, just about anything is possible. Continue reading “Two V8s and the Australian”