Pre-Flight Check: Road Trip Foresight

It may be snowing where you hang your hat, but here in Kansas City we’re expecting highs of 90 this weekend.  Spring is here, with summer looming just over the next rise.  And that means road trips.  The family vacation is a staple of the American household, and many of us still prefer to do it in the most American way- driving.  If you’re planning a long road trip this summer, you’ll want to prepare more than a long list of answers to, “Are we there yet?”  You’ll want to ready your vehicle for the journey- to make sure you’ll get there at all.  Continue reading “Pre-Flight Check: Road Trip Foresight”

Fewer Carbs

Go Lean with an Electronic Fuel Injection SystemIn the late 90’s a new diet roared across America at Bubonic speeds, promising that you could drop waist sizes faster than Christian Bale if only you would stop eating carbohydrates forever.  Pancakes were quarantined.  Burgers came wrapped in pre-wilted lettuce instead of golden sesame seed buns.  But then the Great American Diet Pendulum (commissioned by President Hoover in 1929) swung back the other way, and we returned with gusto to our Bisquick and Barilla.

But not all carbs have recovered in the same way.  The ones we really care about are those musical gasoline suppliers of antiquity- carburetors Continue reading “Fewer Carbs”

All About Tonneau Covers

If you drive a truck, a tonneau cover should be high on your list of desired accessories. Tonneau covers fit over the bed of a pickup truck and are available in a wide range of materials and styles. In addition to looking great, tonneaus offer a number of benefits for anybody that drives a pick-up. Continue reading “All About Tonneau Covers”

Off-Road Tires

The right tire makes all the differenceSelecting the Right Tires for the Job
So you need a new set of tires for your off-road vehicle–where do you start? Before you go and buy the biggest baddest tires you can throw on your truck, let’s look at a few things to provide the best match to your driving style. Almost any aggressive set of tires is going to improve the look of your vehicle, but how about performance? There are many different tire styles available. Continue reading “Off-Road Tires”