How to Replace Your Lame Stock Brakes with Better Power Stop Brakes

Replace Your Lame Stock Brakes with Better Power Stop Brakes

I was getting that shimmy and shudder, with a dash of squeak.  Any time I hit the brakes, they would emit a pulsing throb, and letting off the pedal would introduce a squeak in similar rhythm.  It was time for some brake work, but instead of simple maintenance, I went for an upgrade.  With Power Stop Brakes.

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Can the remote starter end a decades-long debate?

Can the remote starter end a decades-long debate?

That’s the question.

And it really boils down to another question: Should you warm up your car in the winter?  Let’s see if we can figure this out.

Winter has arrived on our doorstep, and you’re either a) excited about it, or b) depressed about it and mad at your weird, winter-loving friends.  Whether you like cold weather or not, your car doesn’t like it- until it’s warmed up.  Then it loves winter.  We know this, so we warm up our cars before we go anywhere.

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How to Pick The Right Color Optima Battery

Optima Batteries are the first major overhaul of automotive power cells since they were invented way back in the dark ages.  They’re more stable at extreme temperatures, have a much longer lifespan, and are extremely vibration resistant, thanks to their unique AGM composition, which also gives them the appearance of six-pack holders.  Which would be a pretty cool promotional idea for Optima.  Anyway, we’re getting off track.  Optimas come in three colors of top and two colors of case, and it can all be a little confusing if you’re new to the brand.  So here’s a quick and easy run down of each type of Optima battery, and which color would suit your vehicle best.
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Affordable Accessories for Work Truck Owners

Do you work out of your truck for a living? If so, you probably don’t think of massive lift kits, fender flares, or custom stereos when you think of “truck accessories.” Odds are, you’re looking for truck add-ons that will improve performance or function. If they improve your truck’s looks? That’s just a nice bonus.

Accessories for Work Truck Owners

Here’s a list of affordable accessories that make sense for work truck owners.
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The Skinny on Waterproof Car Covers

Covercraft has the 1972 MG covered

Everyone agrees that a car cover should protect a vehicle from rain or snow.  This is why many car covers advertise the fact that they stop water completely, going so far as to use plastic barriers that keep moisture “out.” However, a good car cover isn’t supposed to be impervious to water – it’s merely supposed to protect from external water. What any car cover purchaser should want is a cover that acts as a one-way barrier: water shouldn’t be able to drip through, but it should be able to get out.
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Finding the Right ARB Air Lockers for Your Jeep JK

ARB Air Lockers

Just recently we talked with with Richard Mick, who professionally leads Jeep tours in Moab Utah, one of the top off-road sites in the world, and he named lockers as one of the most essential mods you can get.  But what are lockers, and how do they work?  And with so many JK configurations out there, how do you find the right lockers for yours?

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Bring Your Optima Battery Back from the Dead


Maybe you ran a few too many passes at the drag strip.  And maybe that Optima battery under the hood of your alternator-free drag car was a Red Top starting battery instead of a Yellow Top deep cycle battery.  Or maybe you just left your lights on.  At the airport while you were on a two week vacation.  However you did it, you killed that Optima dead.  Deader than ska music. Deader than Bob Dole’s presidential hopes. Deader than the bird in that amazing Monty Python sketch. But like some kind of walking, breathing defibrillator (in more ways than one), you can bring it back to life. Continue reading “Bring Your Optima Battery Back from the Dead”

$100 off Bestop’s Amazing Powered Running Boards from the Future

It’s a fairly simple idea, using fairly simple mechanisms.  But it’s changing the world of truck customization overnight.  Running boards are perfect for getting yourself into your truck or Jeep.  But they inhibit ground clearance, increase drag, and are exposed to the elements for the 99.99% of the time they’re not in use.  It’s not as if we don’t have the technology to solve this conundrum.  But Bestop actually did with their PowerBoards™.  Here’s how they work.

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When you need them, they’re down.  When you don’t, they’re up.  It’s that simple.  Bestop power running boards have electric motors that raise and lower them at need.  Bestop uses a door sensor to activate your running boards, so open the door on your truck or Jeep and the running board will swing out quickly so you can use it to step up into the cab.  Close the door, and the board will fold back up under your truck, flush and nearly invisible.  Front doors and rear doors work identically.

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