EBC Yellowstuff: The Street Review

ebc yellow stuff padsBritish servicemen are an enigma.  One moment they’re good old chaps with pints, polite as a British person, the next they’re flying Harrier jets or storming your beaches alongside a member of their royal family.  Their best-of-the-best military division wears a humble name.  Special Air Service sounds like something you’d pay extra for when shipping a package to your grandmother. Continue reading “EBC Yellowstuff: The Street Review”

The Legend of the Hood-Mounted Tach

Oh, the memories - Your basic hood-mounted tach was a muscle car thingThe late 60’s and early 70’s were the first golden age of muscle cars. (I say first, because I think we’re entering a new one with ponies like the Mustang Boss 302 and the upcoming Camaro ZL1.) It was an era of over-the-top car features- speedbump scraping chin spoilers and big, functional flank scoops more at home on the fighter jets of the era. Hoods were always a platform for aesthetics, getting scoops of their own, big fat racing stripes to match the tire patterns their cars laid down, and once in a while, the single-eyebrow-raising smirk of the dash-mounted tachometer. Continue reading “The Legend of the Hood-Mounted Tach”

Getting Started

Keep it cool.  Heat it up.  Summer or Winter, Car Starters make your vehicle comfortable before you get in.Do you enjoy opening your car door in the middle of summer, only to be hit with an oven-like blast of heat that brings instant sweat to your face and sucks the breath right out of your body?  Does the idea of scorching your backside on your seat and searing your hands on your steering wheel make you smile?  During the winter months, do you look forward to waking each morning so you can brush 2 inches of snow and scrape ½ inch of ice off your car and then drive to work hoping the heater will thaw you out before you get to the office?  If you enjoy these things, please stop reading this article right now.  If you are like the rest of us, you might want to consider a remote starter for your vehicle. Continue reading “Getting Started”