Woodward 2013: The Best of the Rest

Woodward Edlebrock Engine

There were too many awesome cars at Woodward.  So though I’ve already covered several of my favorites, I had to toss out just a few more for good measure.


At some point we stumbled across this great little two-tone Beetle right next to a Myers Manx in the same color.  That big-tail exhaust, that gigantic hood gauge…you get the idea.

Supercharged Impala

Generally, boosted Impalas are a bit older than this example.  Front-wheel-drive wasn’t exactly a popular choice among enthusiasts when the w-body debuted in 1999, but at least one enthusiast has made the 8th-gen Impala perform as well as it always looked like it should have.

Yenko Chevelle

The COPO Camaro gets all the Yenko glory, but this Yenko Chevelle, in what might have been its original paint, was just as commanding.

Pontiac GTO

And then there was this angry Pontiac GTO set up for drag racing.  It was so serious, it didn’t even have an alternator, but a pair of pass-through charging posts and a kill-switch.

Sterling Sebring Turbo

I told my friend this was a Bricklin SV-1, but I’ve never been so wrong.  No, this was a Sterling Sebring Turbo, a kit car built on a Beetle pan.  It was called the “Turbo” because they’d originally planned a VW turbo mill, but that didn’t work out, so it got a 3.8 GM V6 instead.  This example still carried the V6, though it was slathered in enough Edelbrock to make me believe that it might have received a little tuning love.

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