The KC Auto Show Rolls Out

The curtain has closed on the 2018 KC Auto Show and we want to say thank you to everyone involved. It was a great year and we were lucky to take part in it and be able to see everything they featured.

It was quick to get in and up to the show floor but once I was there, I just stared in wonder. It was a bit shocking to see the entirety of Bartle Hall filled with cars new and old, especially since I was there a couple weeks before when it was filled with all things ComicCon. I was there to experience the show for the first time, check out the latest makes and models, and get some killer photos. Instead of taking the camera out right away, I walked the entire floor and took in all the brands and noted sections I was going to return to. I took a walk down the middle of the show floor.

Spider at the KC Auto Show

I’d never been to the KC Auto Show or any car show before so it took me a second to take it all in; there were just so many cars, they were never-ending. It was a fun experience and I learned a whole bunch. It was interesting being able to walk up to so many different cars, look inside and even hop in to get a feel for them without having to drive to a dealership. You could get a better feel for them instead of always driving past them at high speeds.

The New Cars

I’ve only had two cars (we can come back to this later) and I never had a choice in what I got (not complaining, I’ve enjoyed my cars) but this was fun because I can look at the cars I’ve liked for years and see what they are actually like in person. I mean, ever since the new Italian Job movie came out I’ve wanted a Mini Cooper and I did get to see it up close and now I’m thinking they might be a lot of fun, but not good when bad conditions strike and since I’m currently residing in the Midwest. Maybe something else would be better suited…? Whether it’s better suited or not, I did check out the KIA Soul and liked it. I may or may not have made fun of this box car when it was introduced in 2009 but it does resemble an evolved version of the Mini. I sat down in the Soul and it was comfortable. Plenty of room and while I never need a car for carrying a lot of gardening stuff, I do need it for hauling photography gear and the Soul would be perfect. Whenever I’m ready to get my next ride this car is on the list to check out before I make a final decision, but it was nice being able to do a test sitting.

Mini Cooper @ KC Auto Show

It was cool to see all the car brands come together at one show and I heard several times that someone was buying a car that day or this is where they go because it removes the salesman, pressure and puts all the cars are in one spot. It’s an incredible opportunity, if you are looking to buy a car.

Fun Fact: The GM of SSA did a test drive that turned into a car purchase at the KC Auto Show a few years ago.

The Classics

Now I thought the new cars were cool but what I preferred were the cars that the Kansas City Automotive Museum brought. I like a lot of the older cars for some reason and the museum brought their A-game for the show. There was a 1961 Corvette, a 1963 Studebaker Avanti, 1950 Ford Custom and 1957 Packard Clipper to name a few.

Cadillac at KC Auto Show

There were a few cars that stuck out but they stuck out for different reasons, like their paint job. A few cars had a matte paint job and while I was confused at first, it grew on me, and now I like the idea of it. Don’t get me wrong a shiny car will grab my attention, but this style of paint was interesting and I hope to see more of it. Of all the cars there, I believe only 3 had a matte paint job.

Matte BMW at KC Auto Show

If you got to go to the show then you were able to see some beautiful cars and if you missed it or couldn’t go, then stay tuned and be watching for the dates for next year. I’m sure the 2019 KC Auto Show will be great, as they keep trying to make it bigger and better. We are already looking forward to next year and to see what all the great car brands have in store for us, but until then you can live vicariously through our photos of the show on our Facebook

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