The Kansas City Auto Show Returns

The future is here…or it will be on March 6th-10th at the Kansas City Auto Show.

The auto show takes place at Bartle Hall and you won’t want to miss the hundreds of new vehicles they are bringing in. Come see the latest in innovation and style all in one place for your convenience.

The KC Auto Show brings vehicle manufacturers from all over so you have the best selection and you can quickly compare models in person. It’s a great experience to aid you if you are looking for a new car or will be in the future or even if you were ever curious about how a car felt. It’s what I did last year, I always thought I wanted a Mini but the Soul felt good. You can read more about the last show here.

Don’t think the car show is all new cars, it has plenty of features for the whole family, including a Kids Korner where your little ones can go crazy while you pick out a new family car.

The KC Auto Show also has a Ride N’ Drive booth so you can actually test drive some models. So not only can you sit in a vast array of cars but you can test drive some, that’s awesome!

Then when you are getting a little peckish, check out KC’s Garage where you can grab some food and even grab a beer. If you’re tired of walking, the Garage is set in a very laid back atmosphere so you can relax a bit before gettingĀ back out there and seeing more of the show. And you don’t want to miss a thing, the KC Auto Show only comes once a year.

Last few things you should do on your visit, check out the classic cars provided by the KC Auto Museum and other private collectors. These cars are always a joy to see after viewing all the new ones.

Then don’t forget to meet Maxx, the 9-foot robot roaming around during the weekend and Chris Jones from the Kansas City Chiefs at the Honda lounge! Check the schedule to see when they will be there.

As you can see there is so much to do at this show that you’ll be busy all day and it’s worth it. So, prepare yourself for a fun ride March 6th (today!) – 10th.

Check out the full gallery from last year here, 2018 KC Auto Show.

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