Here are the Winners of the Epic Thule Summer!

Epic Thule Winners
The Epic Thule Summer has come to an epic conclusion, and after much debate, deliberation, and a particularly brutal cage match, we’ve picked our three most epic entries.  Well, four, originally.  At first we picked a shot whose owner had stolen it from a forum post from 2002.  We only like a fast one around here when you’re talking about cars.  So we binned it and went on to the real submissions.


Epic Thule Winners - 1st Place

Our first prize, a $300 gift card, went to Eddie of the great state of California, who snapped this shot of his bike-hauling Mercedes climbing up toward Half Dome in Yosemite, one of America’s greatest national parks.  We asked Eddie to fill us in on the lifestyle.

We picked out Half Dome before we saw your caption.  Is this your first trip to Yosemite?  That wasn’t our first trip to Yosemite, but it was our first time taking our bikes. It was great.

Obviously you guys are cyclists.  Where else in America have you taken your bikes to ride?  We stick to riding in California locations found in our ‘California Bicycle Touring Handbook’ that provides maps and tips. We have so many good places to choose from here locally that includes a good mix of hills, country and beach front.

What’s the best vacation spot you’ve ever driven to?  Yosemite is probably the best vacation spot we’ve driven to, due to the incredible natural beauty. It is breathtaking. However, we also enjoy cycling along the coast in Southern California (Orange County).

What are your plans for the prize?  We will probably get another Thule rack for our other car. We have expensive bikes and will only entrust their security of being mounted on Thule racks while driving any distance. They’re rock solid!

Epic Thule Winners - 2nd Place

In second place, for a $100 gift card, was AK of New Orleans, who sent us this perfect magic hour shot of his van, chilling by the gulf.

It took us a second, but that looks like a GMC Safari.  What awesome adventures have you taken it on?  Yes it is.  Well, Chevy Astro AWD to be precise. I’ve traveled quite a bit, from using it as a base camp for outdoor backpacking and mountain biking adventures, camping out on the ocean beach in Florida and hauling bikes to the racetrack.

What’s the best vacation spot you’ve ever driven to?  Good question, hmmm… White Mountains in New Hampshire.

What are your plans for the prize?  Not sure yet, I’ll have to check the awesome selection of products on the Streetside Auto website!

Epic Thule Winners - 3rd Place

And in third place, for a $50 SSA gift card, came Rocky Mountain man Justin with this epic shot of his trail-ready two-wheelers, ready to hit Winter Park, Colorado.

You took this in Winter Park.  What other awesome places have you driven to with your bikes?  I have been all over with my bikes using that awesome Thule rack, but some of the most memorable at this point would be Winter Park of course, Jackson, WY, Keystone, CO, and Carbondale, CO.

We noticed the Fox rear suspension on your bikes.  Around here we’re big fans of Fox Racing Shocks for their off-road truck components.  How do you like their stuff on your bikes?  Fox shocks are the only way to go!  I rock them on all of my bikes as well as my truck which I purchased from ya’ll!

What are your plans for the prize?  Plans are to use the prize towards my next truck accessory purchase, not totally sure what that might be just yet. Looking at a winch and bumpers next.

A HUGE congratulations to all three winners!  Thanks for participating in the Epic Thule Summer, and keep an eye out for more contests coming down the pipe from!

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