The End of An Era

When you lose a long-time employee, there are always mixed emotions. The boss in me races through my mind, scrambling, wondering how will we fill the gap, who will do the work? The regular guy in me is excited for the opportunities to come, the pride in seeing someone whose work you respect and like on a personal level moving forward in his career and life. All the while wondering about the anxiety and courage it requires to take that leap. Today was Andy Sheehan‘s last day and I don’t believe we yet have any idea what void he’s left in our creative and personal lives.

The Andy Era

Andy is an institution in the world of He joined us over six years ago as our creative writer and almost right away brought a flavor and variety to the site we’d never experienced before. He has an incredible voice and for those of you who have read his work [95% of this blog], understand immediately that he’s a car enthusiast on a completely different level than most. He was our creative workhorse, performing many mundane tasks, some that I’m sure he would do differently or refuse if asked again, but he always gave it his all. Whether we asked him to create the persona of Marv The Mechanic in our how-to series of videos or sent him on his personal time to document races and car shows, we always knew that he would bring a perspective to the effort that none of us could predict or replicate.

Videos are no longer available because we care about Andy’s well-being. #RIPMarv

Andy is a quiet guy in general; not one to always participate in the rough and tumble exchanges that you can expect with a group of car guys. Sometimes it gets a bit salty around these parts, but his deep faith and polite mannerisms did a world of good to keep us in check. Yet when you would least expect it, a real gem would fall out of his mouth leaving us all in pain from laughter.

I consider it an honor to have had Andy with us for my entire tenure at He brought a voice to the site which will never be replaced; truly the end of an era. We all wish him luck in his future endeavors and expect that he’ll stop by occasionally with an article or an op-ed on the state of the automotive world. He’s always welcome here.

Thank you for all you did and good luck Andy!

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