5 Sadly Common Towing Disasters from Around the Web

Towing DisastersHere at StreetSideAuto.com, we sell a good deal of recovery accessories, from recovery ropes to winches and mounting systems. Because of this, we tend to hear the craziest stories from our shoppers. Here are our top picks of chaotic towing mishaps.

#5: Highway Accident

Towing Disasters - Highway Accident
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Towing anything on the highway can be a major headache, as these drivers learned that with their RV. It’s hard to say what happened exactly, or who caused the accident. However, when you are towing something like a big RV on the highway, freeway, or interstate, it’s important to watch your speed, use extreme caution when changing lanes, and drive like everyone is out to get you.

#4: Trailer Parking Is Often A Two Person Job

Towing Disasters - Trailer Parking
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This is a pretty common scenario: a driver gets in a hurry, can’t wait for a helper, and then things go wrong, especially when completing complex trailer maneuvers.

The truck’s owner explained that he was trying to back the boat trailer down a ledge in the yard. His truck bed slid and he thought he hit a tree, so he hopped out to see. However, the truck kept moving after the driver hopped out, and that’s when he hit the tree. Moral of the story? A helper is invaluable when parking a trailer, even an empty one.

#3: It’s a Boat Ramp, Not a Truck Ramp

Towing Disasters - Not a Truck Ramp
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Setting the emergency brake can go a long way when you’re trying to back a boat into the water. In this case, the truck rolled back with the boat when the drivers got out.

#2: Intoxicated Towing Will Get You Here

Towing Disasters - Intoxicated Lake Towing
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This intoxicated pickup truck driver left his truck in neutral while trying to unload the boat. Onlookers explained that this person’s “mishap” caused a two hour wait for everyone else on the boat ramp.  Awesome.

#1: The Wrong Way To Test Your Hitch Strength

Towing Disasters - Testing Hitch Strength
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It’s usually the trailer that gets squirrely and ends up off the road. However, this truck driver decided to change it up. On a road that looks pretty straight (in the picture at least), the truck appears to have missed the road and took a dive off the side of the cliff.

While it’s certainly one of the most breathtaking pictures on the list, the fact the driver was towing a trailer probably saved him from plunging any further down the drop-off.

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  1. We should make safety our priority first. Whenever i step on the gas and ride my car. I always go on defensive driving mode. We never know what lies ahead so we need to be extra careful. We should also never forget to check our cars condition before driving.

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