Campbell’s Ledge: A Jeeper’s First Adventure


Seeing this trail again for the first time might elicit the same reaction from me.  Excitement and anticipation, a lack of hesitation, all culminating in the echoing thought, “let’s go.”  It’s not a rough trail or even a challenging one, it’s just a great way to get your feet wet.

For a few months now since my friend John bought his new 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, JKR for those who own them, and all the parts he’s added to it, he’s wanted to go wheelin’.   Being home for a short while gives me a good opportunity to show him some the trails, dirt roads, and grass-covered paths I would venture down in my own JK.  But there was one in particular he kept talking about: Campbell’s Ledge.

Muddy 2015 Rubicon

It’s located off Coxton Rd. in West Pittston, PA, just a short drive from Coxton Falls.  I had explored Campbell’s Ledge before with both my Jeep and on ATVs with some friends.  Like I said, it was not a skill-challenging trek by any means, but one that will make you acutely aware of the terrain you are crawling over.

2015 Rubicon Muddin'

After drooling over the presence of John’s now heavily modified Rubicon as he pulled up, I awkwardly attempted to make my way into the passenger’s seat.  After so many years as a driver I never anticipated the struggle I would have doing the opposite of what I had done thousands of times before. This was just the beginning of the perspective I would gain during this night’s adventure.

Once our seat belts were fastened and the GPS activated, we were off.  Watching my driver as he made his way down even paved streets was something of an out of body experience.  I thought back to when I first got my Jeep and how I felt very much the same childlike excitement he was now.


About a half hour later we were sitting at the entrance of the trail he was eager to climb.  Luckily the gate was open and we could see others wheeling a short distance ahead. We began our ascent with another friend following close behind.  It was a new perspective for me to experience this from behind a grab bar and not a steering wheel.  I had the opportunity to take in everything around me instead of concentrating on where my tires were making contact and with what.  It was a relaxing change.

A short time later, after bouncing around the trail and avoiding a buried pipe, we had made it to the summit.  We had joined about another dozen local off-roaders as well celebrating a great summer night high above the rest of the world.  At this point we were roughly 1,200 feet above sea level and what seemed, when looking over the edge, to be several hundred feet above the road we began on.  The view is spectacular, even at night.  The sky was pretty clear and we could see down into the valley with all its blinking lights in the distance.  It was a great way to spend some time on a summer evening.

Talking shop with some of our fellow trail goers, we shared stories about mods, other places to wheel and had a few laughs before heading back down to the pavement.  As we exited the open gate it was clear my driver had enjoyed the entire experience.  A huge smile across his face showed his feeling of accomplishment.

It’s not usually about the destination, more about the way you got there and who you met along the way.  It was great to see a newcomer to the Jeep experience embrace it with open arms and love every minute of the ride.

Stock 2015 Rubicon

Even with a stock JK, John would have had no trouble climbing a beginner’s trail like Campbell’s Ledge, but his impressive list of mods opened him up to a promising future of far more advanced trails.  With the Rubicon’s locking differentials, John’s 37″ Mickey Thompson tires will find a sure grip, and his lift kit will help make sure he stays clear of the rocks.  If he does ground out, his Fab Fours rock sliders will help protect the body.  Rock sliders are almost an essential when off-roading.  When we talked to professional Jeeper Richard Mick a few weeks ago, he said that he uses rock sliders as a part of his regular route.  He plans to use them.  That’s how tough and functional they are.

To match the sliders, John opted for some Fab Fours bumpers, both front and rear.  Fab Fours designed each to offer maximum ground clearance and be as narrow as legally possible.  The actual term for this style of front bumper is “stubby.”  Why?  Again we’ll heed the advice of Richard Mick, who told us that narrow bumpers are better for the trail because they won’t get caught on rocks.  They’ll help make sure your tires are the first thing to come into contact with a given obstacle, even if the angle is crazy.  The rear bumper is also specially designed to accommodate a 37″ spare tire, keeping a low enough profile to stay out of the tire’s way.  For tires that big, you’ll also need an appropriate spare tire carrier, which John picked up as well, also from Fab Fours.

Modded 2015 Rubicon

There’s a ton of other great stuff John bolted onto his JKR.  Check out the list below.  If you’re looking into mods for your JK, be sure to give us a call at 877.787.8989 for the best price.  Happy modding, and happy wheeling.

What’s on My JK

2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon

Fab Four JK07-B1854-1 Stubby Winch Bumper with Grille Guard
Fab Fours JK07-Y1251-1 Heavy Duty Rear Bumper
Fab Fours JP-Y1261T-1 Off The Door Tire Carrier
Fab Fours JK07-G1350-1 Rock Slider
Warn 89611 Zeon 10s Winch
Bushwacker 10045-02 Pocket Style Front Fender Flares
Bushwacker 10046-02 Pocket Style Rear Fender Flares
American Racing AX75679050738NF ATX Slab Wheel
Mickey Thompson 90000001941 Baja ATZ P3 Tire
KC Hilites 42321 LED Headlight Set
MagnaFlow 15236 Cat-Back Exhaust System
Superchips 3570 Flashpaq
Bestop 56822-35 Black Diamond Trektop NX Soft Top
Future Mods: Cold Air Intake, LED Lighting, Upgrade fro Programmer

2 Replies to “Campbell’s Ledge: A Jeeper’s First Adventure”

  1. Caden,

    Thanks so much for this post. As the much-overdue owner of a JK I am dying to go off road. My build will be finished by the weekend and this place is minutes from my house!

    I am going to have to take my ride out there!

    2008 JK Sport 2-Door a.k.a. “JK-9 RUBARKON”
    3.5″ Rugged Ridge Lift
    35″ Pit Bull PBX A/T Hardcore Tires
    8,500 lb Rugged Ridge Spartacus Winch with Synthetic Rope
    Rugged Ridge Sparticus front and Rear bumper
    Rugged Ridge Spare Tire Carrier

    Lots of other goodies!

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