The Street Side Garage’s Best of 2013

Best of 2013 from the Street Side GarageTomorrow (after we wake up at noon), we look ahead.  But today gives us a chance to look back over the expanse of 2013 and remember the good times, the hard times, the mountain goats, the John Adams El Camino, the blank-firing car alarm, the zombie survival vehicle, and the $1,900 snap ring.

Without further ado, we present the Best of 2013…


Ford Maverick
13. Overlooked: The Ford Maverick
We took a closer, honest look at Ford’s forgotten hero and came to realize that in the land of Mustangs, there’s a right way to be different.

12. Streetside Ideas: Downtown Workshop
Having a project car without owning a garage is next to impossible.  But it doesn’t have to be.

11. Conveyances of the Founding Fathers
Because we believe that the original draft of the Declaration of Independence contained a clause about swinging donuts in muscle cars.

Halloween Themed Ford Mustang
10. Haunt Your Car with a Remote Starter
There is one day a year when it’s socially acceptable to scare the Milk Duds out of that little punk who lives next door and throws rocks into your yard.  We made sure you could take full advantage of it.

Fab Four Bumper Truck Modification
9. Building a ZSV Phase II: Truck Modification
When The Walking Dead returned this fall, we celebrated the only way we knew how: by virtually building a truck for Rick and crew.

Woodward Dream Cruise 2013
8. The Lords of Woodward: Part I
Our annual pilgrimage to the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit was burned through with chromed sunlight and echoing with exhaust notes.  We managed to grab a few pictures.

Best Way to See America
7.  Still the Best Way to See America
The road trip was made for mountain biking, but the driving made the trip.  We discovered this summer why the American road trip is alive and well.

6. Streetside Ideas: Thief Deterrents
No thief is going to be scared off by a car’s alarm system tooting the horn.  He’d probably wet himself if he thought he was under fire.

The Art of the Car Concours - Kansas City
5. The Art of the Car Concours
Sometimes you get to see cool cars.  Other times you get to see vintage, one-of-twelve Maserati endurance racers driven by Sir Sterling Moss.  It was the most impressive display of metal I’d ever seen all gathered in one place.

4. The $1,900 Snap Ring
When a 50-cent part causes nearly two grand in damage, you feel that hurt.  Deep, deep down.

Fast 6 Review
3. I Whined About Fast 6 so You Don’t Have To
Fast and Furious 6 was undoubtedly the best of the franchise, but the F&F movies are always buffeted by criticism for being too unrealistic and cheesy.  Well, you just bought a ticket for a movie called Fast and Furious 6, so learn to enjoy things for what they are.  We wrote up a quick guide to help you get all of your bellyaching out of the way in one shot.

2013 Subaru BRZ
2. The Subaru BRZ: Feel Like Yourself
Not only was this our first shot to drive the Toyobaru, it also featured some amazing photography and was reposted to one of the most popular car blogs on the internet.

The Greenwood Revival
1. The Greenwood Revival Part 1: The Course
Often when you find yourself, it’s when you’re in the middle of something.  The best day of your life shows up full of details and distractions, but you’ll always remember it by tugging on a single moment.  We took a trip out to an abandoned race track this summer, and that day will be hard to forget.

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