Hear Two of Corsa’s Earth-Shaking Race Cars

Jim Stout's Corsa Plum Crazy Viper

There is no better laboratory than motorsport.  From the early days of racing, competitions like Le Mans were set up strictly to showcase how fast and reliable cars were, so customers would want to buy them.  The same goes for parts.  You can listen all day to brilliant and beautiful Corsa Performance Exhausts, but seeing them hit the track lends a bit more credibility.  Here are just two of the many fantastic race cars equipped with Corsa exhausts. 

Welcome to your new favorite purple race car.  Jim Stout started Coastal Pet with 300 bucks in 1968 and turned it into one of America’s biggest and most successful pet products companies.  And when you do that, you can afford to go racing.

Jim races the “Plum Crazy” Viper Competition Coupe.  Viper released the Comp Coupe back in 2003 as a relatively affordable avenue into weekend GT racing.  It’s not street legal, being a steel tube space frame, and makes 520 hp, 20 more than the over-the-counter Vipers of the day.  That means a runup to 60 in just 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 192 mph.

The great thing about high performance exhausts that flow free and those that sound good is that they’re usually one in the same.  Let the 8.3 liter V10 sing, and it will win a grammy.  But racing exhaust also has to be durable.  The exhaust sees more heat than almost any other part of the car, so one welded together from old green bean cans isn’t going to cut it.

“These systems take an extreme beating between temperature and vibration,” says Jim.  “Corsa has fit the bill, and most of the people I race with in our series are using Corsa.”

It seems to have paid off.  Jim consistently wins or podiums in the North American Road Racing Association’s USGT class.

The GM side is where Corsa got their start, specifically with Corvettes, so the WPA Cadillac CTS-V Sedan built by D3 was no massive departure for them.  But what a massive sound.  Corsa did not cut corners with this monster.

The CTS-V is a great start to any race car.  We all remember the famous Nurburgring lap record.  V’s also successfully race in SCCA’s World Challenge, and have since 2004.  Beasts like this come stock with 555 hp.

The WPA machine includes a widebody conversion as well as a host of other body and aero mods by D3.  There’s a custom suspension, Forgeline wheels, and racing slicks by Hoosier.  The sound is enough to make you institutionalize yourself, and the look is just as good.

You might not ever race your car (three cheers if you do).  But when it comes time to upgrade the exhaust on your street machine, it’s good to know that there’s a company like Corsa out there – folks who are willing to custom tune an exhaust to give a car an enormous sound, increase the performance, and last season after season of hardcore racing.

Quite the laboratory, that racetrack.

Here are a few of our favorite Corsa systems:

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XO Crossover for Mustang

Xtreme Cat-back for Charger

Sport Cat-back for Cherokee

dB Cat-back for Wrangler

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