Yakima: Time To Pack All The Gear

Skip playing rock, paper, scissors on who gets to go on this trip. Yakima has the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s no fun excluding friends from a trip because there wasn’t room in the car. Skip trying to play Tetris with all the bags or gear and get the Yakima products that fit you, your lifestyle and your car. Maximize the fun by bringing all the friends and all the fishing, camping or biking equipment. Go out and make the memories with your friends and let Yakima worry about the luggage.

Yakima is there for you and your car. Whenever you need that little (or a lot of) extra space, you can count on them to have the right gear for you. They have everything from roof baskets, cargo boxes, and bike carriers. Let’s delve into some more of their products and learn how they can assist you in your adventure. If you want to learn more about their roof rack system, check out this article.

Yakima Does Cargo

SkyBox Cargo Carrier
If you’re looking to get a few pieces of luggage or gear out of the car to squeeze that friend in, then we recommend a SkyBox Cargo Carrier. They are the top of the line in roof-top storage containers. Not only are they aerodynamic but they have 20 cubic feet of space. This is ideal for bigger families, friends going on an adventure or the over packer. This cargo box has a dual-sided opening with an easy push-button latch. It also comes fully assembled, so it’s only a ten minute install. Depending on the size of the carrier you can fit anything from snowboard, skis, fishing gear or several bags of luggage in them.

Yakima Does Bikes

Yakima 8002103 Bike Carrier

Maybe you don’t need extra rooms for bags but instead a good system to hold your bikes. Check out the bike carriers that Yakima offers for your great biking adventure this weekend. Depending on the number of bikes you’ll be transporting you have some opinions.

With a hitch mounted bike rack, you can carry multiple bikes on the back of the car, but you need the hitch installed. The hitches can fit on a range of cars, trucks, SUVs and trailers. If you don’t have the hitch or only need to move one or two bikes, they also have what they call the HighRoad or FrontLoader where you store the bike on top of your car by using the roof rack system. The best part of these systems, the front wheel can stay on and it’s only a five-minute installation. The roof racks just keep getting better.

Yakima Does It All

Maybe you don’t know what you’ll be hauling but you want to be prepared for everything, try looking at the roof baskets. They are just that, baskets for your roof, but they can handle anything. If you need to carry a bike, skis or luggage, this can handle whatever you need to carry. As an added perk it is weather resistant, made of heavy-duty steel construction. Plus, like most Yakima products, it’s an easy installation process.

These are just a few of the options Yakima offers, if none of these fit, we can help. Give us a call (877-787-8989) and together we can figure out the best storage system for you.

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