Win Major Gear with the Epic Thule Summer

You’re going places, and you’re taking your Thule gear.  Why not win huge prizes while you’re at it?  Yes, summer is here, and and Thule want you to get out there and make your mark on the American vacationscape.  So we’re giving away $450 of gear to the Thule owners with the best vacation photos featuring their awesome Thule stuff.

Yosemite.  Yellowstone.  The Grand Canyon.  The Appalachian Trail.  Acadia.  The Outer Banks.  You get the idea.  You’re going on vacation this summer to some of America’s most incredible places, and your Thule roof racks, cargo carriers, and bike haulers are going to help you get there.  But we’re stuck in the office, and we want to see what you’re up to.  So we’re giving away three Thule prize packages in exchange for our favorite photos of your Epic Thule Summer.

Epic Thule Summer

So here’s how this works.

Step 1: Go somewhere awesome with your Thule gear.  It could be anywhere.  Mt. St. Helens, Death Valley, The Ozarks, Isle Royale, the Everglades.  Anywhere.  Not taking an epic trip this summer?  Don’t worry.  You can still take an epic picture of your Thule rack on your vehicle and submit it! Just make sure it’s awesome.

Step 2: Take a picture of your vehicle with your Thule rack or carrier attached and visible in that location.  Park it on an overlook, at the beach, in front of a waterfall, in a cave, on top of Everest, etc; then take the very best picture you can.

Step 3: Share your epic adventure picture with us.

Then share your pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so your friends can experience the adventure, too! Be sure to use #EpicThuleSummer as the hashtag.

We’ll drop all your entries into our Facebook and G+ albums, too, so you can see who you’re up against.  We’re only accepting one entry per household, so choose wisely.  Post more than one and you get nada!  Also, if you’ve used your photo for another contest, you can’t bring it back around to us.  But we think you can take another one just as good!

Step 4: WIN.

First Prize – $300 of credit toward your next Thule kit
Second Prize – $100 gift card
Third Prize – $50 gift card

Epic Thule Summer

Photos will be judged on quality and adventure, so brush up on your photo skills and be sure to show us how awesome your vacation spot is.

Contest rolls out on today, July 2nd, and wraps up the day after Labor Day, September 2nd.


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