WeatherTech Car Mats and the 10 Worst Spills in Your Car

WeatherTech Car Mats
Check out the best of Weathertech floor liners to help determine which floor liners & mats to buy for your vehicle.

WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats are some of the very best floor mats on the market.  They use expensive space lasers to scan every car before firing up their alien computer tech to construct a 3D model for each car’s specific mat.  Mats have 3 layers of mystical wizard armor to keep them invincible.  And like some kind of Great Wall bordering the Nether, they feature high sills to keep spilled liquids from sloshing out onto your carpet as you drive.  Nary a drop will reach your carpet.
Then, when you return home, you can remove them, dump out the spilled liquid, hose them off, and put them back in.  No need to steam clean your carpet or feed your car to a Hammel VB 950 DK.  That’s a rather comforting picture, isn’t it?

Now picture a world in which you’ll spill the following substances in your car, letting their molecules seep and grind into the furthest recesses of your carpet, coating ever fiber, where they’ll remain until the car is committed to the flames.  Here are the 10 worst things to spill in your car, and why you’re much better off spilling them on a WeatherTech DigitalFit mat:

10. Coffee

WeatherTech 446071 |
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WeatherTech 446071

You know that lovely feeling you get when you walk into a little coffee shop on a side street and they’re aeropressing and chemexing and working all their magic?  That aroma that just wafts over you and invites you in?  It’s nice, right?  Walk out back and stick your head in their dumpster.  Not so nice when it’s not so fresh.  Coffee, unless you take it black, also usually contains milk and sugar, two other things you don’t want in your carpet.

Thankfully, the DigitalFit channels your spilled, $4.50 latte away from your feet and into a deeper reservoir, so it won’t reach your carpet.  This also keeps it off of your feet while you drive, so you won’t get your pedals all sticky.  When you park, just empty out the floor mat and hose it down.

9. Milk

Milk Truck

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WeatherTech 444331

This one is a bit of a giveaway.  Old milk smells like despair and ruin.  It smells like you’re about to get a dangerous infection.

Weathertech DigitalFit mats, however, are lactose intolerant and rubberized, so, like all other liquids, even the wholest of milk will bead up and roll off with an easy rinse.  No dangerous infections required.

8. Soda

Coke Racecar

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WeatherTech 446111

This doesn’t sound so bad at first.  Who doesn’t like the smell of some Faygo Red Pop?  The trouble with soda (and also the reason you shouldn’t drink it so often) is that it’s mostly sugar, which gets extremely sticky when dried.  Sugar in your carpet is like that one semi-shady friend you invite to your wine tasting who will in turn invite all his own genuinely shady friends and turn it into a frat kegger.  Everything you track into your car will stick to that old Dr. Pepper syrup: dog doo, horsey sauce, diseases.

But Weathertech floor liners have a huge carrying capacity, enough to challenge the largest, illegal-in-New-York gas station soda servings.  So you can keep the Crystal Pepsi out of your carpet.

7. Salt Mud

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WeatherTech 443052

If you live north of, say, Tallahassee, you’ve probably experienced some of this stuff within the last few months.  Salt melts snow, but it also gets everywhere, hastening the oxidation of exposed metals.  So if you get enough of it in your car, it can actually start to rust your car from the inside.  Scary.  Salt crystals can also be abrasive toward carpet.

But Weathertech mats are made of a tough, High Density Tri-Extruded TPO material that will stand up to grating salt.  You could grind salt into them as a hobby and they’d remain flawless for years.  Also, that’s a weird hobby.

6. Beer

Beer Truck
Stale beer is nothing to turn into a Glade Plugin, but the smell isn’t the worst part.  If your passenger drops his growler once, you’ll have every cop and K9 accusing you of drunk driving for as long as you own the car.  You’ll never want to DD again.

Fortunately, Weathertech mats are very easy to remove and reinstall, so you can make your tipsy passenger clean them up.  They have mounting points for your factory retention clips, and they’re such a perfect fit, so they won’t slide around, but when you need to remove them, just undo the clips and lift them out.

 5. Hair Dye

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WeatherTech 442163

You’ve all experienced this.  You’re cruising along, trying to lay low and craft a new identity after that big job, and dying your platinum locks auburn when you hit that giant pothole on the 405 and you drop the bottle.  Now your carpet is as ginger as your roots, and you’re about to pass out from the dangerous fumes.  Then you’ll crash, and hospitals ask questions.

Prevent this with some DigitalFit floor mats, which are available, in addition to grey and beige, in black, so you’ll never notice the dye, and they won’t absorb any of that miserable stench.

4. Barf

WeatherTech Car Mats

WeatherTech 446972 |
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WeatherTech 446972

Parents will relate to this one.  Your sick kid should never have to clean up his own hurl.  But that doesn’t mean you have to make the job hard on yourself.  Just because you stuffed the little guy with cotton candy and nachos and then took him drifting doesn’t mean you have to pay penance by steam cleaning his bile out of your formerly fresh carpet.

Weathertech is happy to take a role as a puke pan during the few seconds it will take to hose it off and maybe hit it with a little Lysol.  Just lift the mat out, hose it off, let it dry, and drop it back in.

3. Agar, mid-mix

WeatherTech Car Mats

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WeatherTech 444081

What is agar, you say?  You don’t remember sitting in Mr. Flenderson’s seventh grade biology class and watching mold grow in those little petri dishes?  That yellow gelatin stuff mold grows on is called agar.  It’s specifically designed to grow mold.  It comes in powdered form, is mixed with water, and hardens into the world’s nastiest Jello.  Drop that in your carpet and your car will be a rolling laboratory, with you as a test subject.

It’s a good thing Weathertech mats have such high walls, providing the perfect Jello mold for the agar.  Get to your lab, take out the floor mat, and peel away that mold-ready mold.  Mold.  The DigitalFit can save you from the power of mold.

2. VX

WeatherTech Car Mats
Also known as O-ethyl S-[2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl] methylphosphonothioate, which you are now legally required to say five times fast, VX is the most lethal nerve agent known to man.  A single, 10 mg drop can kill you real bad.  Thankfully, the US and Russia are in the process of destroying their Cold War VX stockpiles, so you’re not likely to run across any.

Umm…Weathertech can keep this stuff from seeping into your carpet, but if you spill some, you’re probably better off just launching your car into the sun for good measure.

1. Cat Urine

WeatherTech Car Mats

WeatherTech 445422 |
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WeatherTech 445422

We all love cats, right?  Horses were domesticated for work.  Dogs for guard duty and hunting and such.  Cats were domesticated because the ancient world didn’t have TV yet.  They’re hilarious!  But they don’t like riding in the car.  And they tend to whiz all over the place.  Cat leak is especially bad because it’s designed to smell strong.  It’s full of hormones so Admiral Meow can mark his territory.  Don’t let it into your carpet when you’re taking Adm. Meow to the vet.  You’ll never get it out and your Mustang will be flocked with neighborhood cats playing the world’s nastiest game of King of the Hill.

Instead, drop in some DigitalFit mats.  They’re available for the front and back rows, complete with rear hump protection where applicable.  The back row liner is often one continuous mat all the way across, so no matter where that little fluffball decides to spray, he’ll only hit more Weathertech.

Okay, so you’ll probably never spill a hazardous chemical weapon you’re carrying in your cup holder.  You’ll probably never even have the hair dye problem.  But you can’t deny that some of these have happened, and will happen again.  So grab some of Weathertech’s awesome DigitalFit floor and cargo mats so you don’t have to deal with the consequences.

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  1. That’s a good point that coffee often has milk in it. Milk can be pretty bad when it starts to go. I might have to get some car mats that I can clean easily in case I spill my commute coffee one day.

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