The Vehicles that Should and Shouldn’t get Go Rhino Steps

Slim and stealthy

California-based Go Rhino makes lots of cool stuff for your truck. Winch mounts, roof racks, bed accessories, bumpers, and more. But they might be best known as the only truck gear company offering steps for every side of your truck, including a clever hitch step and a grille guard step. But there are a few vehicles you shouldn’t try to install these steps on. Don’t worry. We’re here to steer you in the right direction.

Side Steps

Go Rhino’s Dominator side steps look awesome, but they’re not just for the beauty shots. The punched steel step pads won’t crack or fade in the sun like plastic pads, and they’re extremely grippy. Plus, they’re wider than most step pads for ease of use. Function meets form.

Rusty Slammington
But you shouldn’t put them on your stanced car. See, the Dominator does reduce ground clearance just a little, and when you have a stanced machine like Rusty Slammington there, you need all the ground clearance you can get so you don’t get high-centered on a manhole cover or a discarded bandaid.

You should instead put them on a Nissan Titan, like the one up top, because look at that thing. This particular example has been lifted like a catalytic converter in a bad neighborhood, so the reduced ground clearance is an afterthought. They look surprisingly slim in profile, and the black powder-coated finish blends the Dominators right in with the rest of the OD truck.

Grille Guards

If there’s any product that most exemplifies Go Rhino’s name, it’s their Sumatra Grille Guard. Like an actual Rhinoceros, it has face protection, and no fingers, because that would be weird and gross. But it also has that built-in step as we mentioned above. In fact, all of Go Rhino’s grille guards, other than those with winch mounts instead, have steps, because why the crap not? It will make changing your windshield wipers or working under the hood so much easier.

But no, don’t put a grille guard on your C4 Corvette, even if you do want to pretend you’re a policeman (another activity to avoid). The C4 is just such a classic wedge. A big, tall grille guard on that pre-pedestrian-safety nose will just ruin the look.

Hulk Fist
Instead, bolt that thing onto a newer American pickup. Ford, Chevy, and Ram have all opted for taller, more squarish grilles in recent years, and there’s nothing to bolster that automotive Hulk fist look like a chunky, square, move-over grille guard.

Now, Go Rhino wisely doesn’t make any claims about what kind of a beating these could take, probably because they don’t want people running about crashing into things. But we’ve read on forums some instances of Go Rhino grille guards valiantly and effectively defending trucks against errant deer. Again, don’t try to go hunting with it (you know someone who would), but these things are built tough. And they’re always good for pushing open cattle gates.

Hitch Step

Once in a while, someone comes up with an idea that’s so simple and original, it makes you wonder how you would be living if you’d thought of it. Go Rhino’s Trailer Hitch Step is one of those. It is exactly what it sounds like, and the easiest step you could ever install. Just slide it into the hitch receiver.

homicidal diffuser
But you’ll have trouble with this if you try to put it on an unlimited class time attack racer. In fact, that diffuser looks a bit homicidal. You should probably just keep your distance and stay in the cockpit. Also, this car is low enough that you could walk through the garage in the dark without tripping over it, so the only thing you’d need that step for is to dust off the gigantic wing.

Best RV
An RV, however, is a great place for this step. Those roof-access ladders never come down near enough to the ground, and you can use the step to clean/deface/crawl in through the rear window.

So install your Go Rhino steps wisely this summer. We have full confidence in you. Your friend who wants to go truck hunting with his grille guard? We’re a little worried about him.

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