The Strength Secrets of UWS Toolboxes

Cars have these lockable, secure metal boxes behind the back seats.  You can put stuff in there to keep it safe from weather, thieves, and road wind.  But trucks don’t have trunks.  It seems like they should, since trucks often carry the most valuables, like tools and supplies.  Thankfully, you can get your own trunk to put in your truck bed.  You can get a tool box.  And if you want the strongest tool box on the market, you can get a UWS toolbox.  UWS has a few secrets to making a stronger box, and we’re here to dish them up for you, because the real secret is that they’re not really secrets.

UWS Toolboxes

Cured Foam Injection Lids

UWS Toolboxes Foam Injection Lids
Every UWS tool box features an extra strong lid.  Over time, your tool box will run the gamut of abuse.  Maybe some cowardly miscreant will try to break into it.  Maybe things will get piled on top of it.  You might use it as impromptu scaffolding.  So UWS developed a system to leave a void in their box lids, then fill the void with industrial foam.  Once the foam cures, it improves the lid’s strength several times over.  It worked so well for them that they patented the system.  UWS toolboxes have the strongest lids on the market.

Shielded Link Bars

UWS Toolboxes Shielded Link Bars
Your toolbox should have linked latches.  You shouldn’t have to climb up into your bed so you can reach both latches every time you need to open it.  And linked latches aren’t uncommon.  But generally the link bar is exposed within the tool box, which means anything from an orange to a hammer could get stuck in there, binding up the whole operation.  Exposed link bars can also get bent to the point that you can’t open or properly close the tool box, and if that happens, you might as well just pile your valuables in the truck bed.  For UWS truck boxes, they thought to add a shield surrounding the link bar to prevent such unpleasantness.  Simple, elegant, and effective.

One-Piece Tub

UWS Toolboxes One-Piece Tub
You don’t often realize it, but your truck flexes as it goes along, especially if you take bumpy roads or roll around construction sites.  There’s nearly constant movement going on.  So if you affix something to your truck’s bed rails, it’s going to be subjected to the same flexing.  A welded element put under that kind of stress will eventually crack.  That’s why UWS truck tool boxes uses a single sheet of diamond plate aluminum each, to form the front, bottom, and back panels of the box.  It’s just bent at the edges.  It may sound odd for a company called United Welding Services, but minimizing the welds will maximize the life of the tool box.

UWS Toolboxes: Made in America

American-built products tend to have higher quality standards, better-paid workers, and state-of-the-art facilities.  We get that.  We appreciate, too, the American job creation, keeping the money at home, and supporting the US economy.  That’s all awesome.  But perhaps the most important quality aspect of UWS’s home-grown products is that they’re headquartered in Florida.  If you’ve never been to Florida, you won’t know that it only has two parts.  Unless you’re enjoying yourself on the beach, you’ll be sweltering in the swamps, trying to kill mosquitoes and watching things rust.  One can’t help but imagine that UWS’s choice of rust-proof aluminum was influenced by the Corrosion State.  The latches, too, are stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about rust there, either.

So if you’re looking for a weak toolbox, one easily bent and broken into, look elsewhere.  A UWS truck box doesn’t mess with that.  They only build the toughest truck bed toolboxes in America.

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