How Rancho Suspension Can Lift Your Truck Cheaper than the Rest

Few pickup trucks are bought without their owners wanting to lift them.  If you’re going to have higher ground clearance and a heavier vehicle, why not make it look awesome?  But far fewer trucks are actually lifted, since full truck lift kits can be complex, expensive, and difficult to install.  Plus, lift kits are generally for extreme heights like 4-6,” when you’d much rather just lift your truck a couple of inches.  But the Rancho Quick Lift system installs like a strut and offers just the lift you need.  Here’s how it works.

Rancho Quick Lift vs Stock

So you want to arm your truck with some new tires.  Maybe you need a little more ground clearance on your new job.  And there’s nothing wrong with just liking the look of a taller truck.  Whatever your reasons for wanting to lift your truck, you’ve probably run into some roadblocks along the way.

First of all, full lift kits can be haltingly expensive.  Secondly, most lift kits are designed to lift trucks way out of your preferred zone, facilitating the need for extra steps just to get into the cab.  Finally, they’re difficult and time consuming to install.  It can be done, but not without alot of tools, alot of patience, and two days to kill.  Plus, since your entire truck is riding on it, you’ll spend every bump and rainy day wondering if you installed it correctly.

But you might know how to install a simple strut.  You may have even done it before.  If you haven’t, it’s a pretty simple process.  If you can install a strut, you can install Rancho’s clever lift system, the Quick Lift.
Rancho Quick Lift
The Rancho lift kit system is simple but effective.  They’ve raised the spring seat for their in-house springs, which raises the truck 2-2.5 inches.  This allows for wheels and tires up to two sizes larger for your truck.  It’s a solution far superior to simple spacers, which aren’t designed to absorb shock as part of the actual suspension system.

As with traditional lift kits, this system requires more lift in the heavier front than in the back, so generally, the Quick Lift is paired with Rancho’s excellent RS9000XL shocks in the rear, though some applications require Quick Lift at all four corners.

Quick Lift, the RS9000XL, and the rest of the Rancho suspension elements, are all equipped with their My Ride air adjustment system.  It’s a custom valve at the base of the shock or strut that lets you adjust the pressure and stiffness.

You can do this manually.  However, Rancho also offers an on-board compressor with a wireless controller.  You can use this system to adjust your struts to established presets like highway, off-road, towing, or sport.  Or you can adjust your suspension and program presets of your own.  Because it’s all wireless, installation is a piece of cake donut, and it works from up to 50 feet away from the truck.

Jeepster Lifted

A full Quick Lift truck lift kit only takes 1 to 2 hours to install, compared to the 1 to 2 days of a traditional lift kit, which you don’t need or want anyway.  It’s extremely functional, won’t limit your ability to climb into your truck, and because it’s an active suspension element, it’s extremely durable.

Check out the huge range of applications for Quick Lift and see if you can lift your truck just that easily.

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